Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yrma Vs. Pop Art: Pop Art In a Knockout!

This cat might just f*ck.her.up beyond recognition. Looking forward to the unveiling on Sunday, 6 May! Mary will never survive all the kinetic, fun, wildly coloured craziness in Britto's art. She's no longer young, has never been vibrant or exciting (except for when Derfie wore his beer goggles at the Slip Inn), and positive energy eludes her. She's a starved, pasty woman in a death mask and Bangladeshi hair extensions. She'll never survive chartreuse green or Schiaparelli pink! Hopefully she'll have spiral eyes and moving parts and spinning breasts or something to give her life!

Funny how the article gets in a little zing at Daisy with the unpaid labour bit and a big zing at Mary for being seen with a legal scourge. How many trips to Britto's Miami studio did Madam manage under cover? Riddle me this: how many Banana Republic and JCrew shopping bags fit on a Lego airplane?

Website: Romero Britto

Article: BT

Controversial Artist to Portray Mary

The Brazilian artist Romero Britto is notorious for using unpaid labor. Now he is portraying Mary.

The highly controversial pop art artist Romero Britto has been allowed to portray Princess Mary to mark the charity event of the year for Children's Aid Day.

But while Romero Britto is called world famous and praised for his artistic work throughout the world, as it says in the paper for the charity 's day, then the Brazilian-born artist is also notorious, if not to say despised, for his way of doing business.

Britto has his headquarters and his largest gallery in Miami, Florida, and here, he's created controversy in that he hires interns to work for him - without pay.

The Danish royal family has also had its turn in the media mill for repeatedly hiring unpaid interns.

Nevertheless the Crown Princess and Britto will meet on Danish soil Sunday 6th May, when the mentioned portrait is revealed to the public on the occasion of Children's Day. At the same time, a Britto-painted poster will be published for the day to include 30 new works by his hand.

From the sales of the new works donated an unknown proportion of Children's Day. The portrait of Crown Princess will not be available for purchase.

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