Friday, April 20, 2012

Yrma Learns About Deadly Diseases; Picks Up Where Free Clinic Doctor Left Off in 2000


Yrma was at the University of Copenhagen today for the annual Research Day showing off her new & improved Kate Middleton look: freshly fluffed weave (with a touch of red for that desirable ginger look, Hello Harry!), aging face full of fillers, raccoon eyeliner, recycled coat (for that Princess Anne touch of frugality) and even stockings on her legs for that full-on Middleton Look. With this costume, the out-Kated Kate hit the town to pretend to be interested in viruses and sheep.

HRH The Crown Princess participated as a patron at the official opening of Research Day 2012 in the Ceremonial Hall, University of Copenhagen, 19 April 2012. After the opening, the Crown Princess visited the adjacent Square together with Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and education minister Morten Østergaard, where the City of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University had established a research square with a variety of reports from the world of science. At researcher square Crown Princess had the opportunity to learn about giant squids, malaria, self-assembling molecules and super social ants as well as what happens if Copenhagen is placed under water. Research Day is a recurring event that will arouse curiosity and understanding of research methods and results among the general population. Across the country, research institutions, municipalities, museums, businesses and others interested in research create events that make research practical, fun and life related. Behind the Research Day is the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The initiative is a recommendation from the think tank for an understanding of research.

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  1. Love her hair-lifeless and orange. I hope a professional hair stylist wasn't paid for this look.