Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Izzy! Daddy Wants To Get You a New Mummy But MoreMore is a Hard One to Battle

That Yrma. Sister's got mad survival skills, you gotta give her that. While at the Trend hunting lodge in early April (instead of joining Daisy in Aarhus for Easter Week), she pulls out the prop camera typically used during photo calls when she has to balance her sex-it-up, inner-thigh-flashing in skimpy, but matronly eyelet fabrics with pretending to coo and care about her frolicking, royal gargoyle progeny (who knew if her camera could actually take photos? Could have been an empty film prop for all we knew!). Then she snaps some dull, off-centre and lifeless photies of her sparkling imp named Izzy (a good photographer knows how to extract life and personality from her subjects, telling that Iz's own mother can't do that), gets the credit for being "artistic", with a byline ("HKH Kronprinsessen") and the result is Loving Mummy Mary trumping Cool Involved Daddy Derfie. 'Take that, you sniveling cry baby!,' Mary seems to be saying to her limp rag husband. Kids caught in between. Nice. Mary, you're no photog! (Remember those other backlit shots from the dunes a few years ago with Xian was a baby? Photography 101, Mares: sunlight ON your subjects, not behind them, unless you're trying to de-emphasise any bogan details of their physicality.)

Hope you had a really great day, Iz! And got lots of great pressies and Daddy and the nannies and Auntie Katja (smuggled in the back way) gave you lots of love and positive attention. You deserve it. (Maybe Daddy Derf had the German Vogue style team come back and re-style your hair into a cute, manageable bob again?) Someone's got to help you out with that overbearing public behaviour and window-licking. Not your fault, love. You've got a lunatic as a mother. You'll be fine, you're cute and spunky and spirited; just focus on life outside of the palace walls and making wonderful friendships.

Meanwhile, Arriana Huffington's staff has decided, out of sheer confusion, to call you a hipster princess (but take the piss out of your mother by making fun of the dated scrunchie in your hair - hey, worked for Hillary and she's going to be President), a meat-packing district babe, a Brooklyn boho. Eh, take it, Iz. Sympathetic press is what you've got to start building. They think your mother is being ironic dressing you like the Bridge and Tunnel crowd, a girl from Queens who took the subway into Manhattan to take in the sites. I mean, a scrunchie and a hand-me-down owl jumper from your brother? Look, Iz, you're a PRINCESS OF DENMARK! You're starting to lose your baby fat and become a little beauty. Thank God you take after the royal side and look like your father. Your mother is going to be competing with you soon enough and will take the press with her in nasty and head-turning ways. Build the goodwill now and cash out when you're 18 and want go Stephanie of Monaco on us.

Photo Gallery: BT

Article: The Huffington Post

Article: Berlingske

American Media: Isabella Is a Hipster

A jumper with an owl, skinny jeans and a hair band where there is fabric around the elastic - last seen known and loved in the late eighties - and big boots. It sounds like the uniform of a young girl in the meatpacking district, but it's also what the Danish Princess Isabella has in a new photo series which the court has published on the occasion of the Princess's fifth birthday today.

The pictures were taken by her mother, Crown Princess Mary, and they show a happy little girl, smiling, sitting in the open. The pictures were taken during Easter at the hunting property Trend in northern Jutland in early April.

But for the US internet news site The Huffington Post, the photos show a hipster princess who might as well be the princess of Brooklyn, a trendy neighborhood in New York, not of Denmark. "She is wearing what we consider to be a mini-hipster outifit. Owl sweater, scrunchie, an ironic hair accessory, tight pants and boots. She could stand in for the Princess of Brooklyn," writes Huffington Post.

Isabella is the third in the Danish succession after her father Crown Prince Frederik and her older brother Prince Christian. It appears that Huffington Post is not the media that gets the first interview with the Danish princess. They broke the clause in which the images are sent from the Danish court which implied that the images first had to be published today, 21 April, the princess's birthday.


  1. It should have been Izzy's day but it's always about Mary, isn't it. So sad. Izzy looks like MorMoose is trying to teach her some camera moves and Izzy isn't having any of it. You go, girl!

  2. So true, Diog. Instead of just publishing the pictures, Mary had to say that she took the pictures. And of course the sugars are just feeding her ego, going on about how talented she is.