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Unusually Private Easter This Year at Marselisborg: Whaddup?

While Daisy og familien have since 1972 spent Easter at their Aarhus residence Marselisborg Slot, this year the officially private event has absolutely no press whatsoever (these two photos were taken by a passerby). Typically, there are several photos of the church-loving queen dragging her family with her to Holy Week services at Aarhus Cathedral. Sometimes, if Easter comes close to Daisy's birthday (April 16), the crowds are allowed to come onto the grounds of the castle and the queen will come out with her husband, Derf and Yrma and wave to the masses, as done in 2006.

This year, something is up. Daisy and Henrik arrived in Aarhus on 30 March for Holy Week. The couple were to stay in Aarhus before returning to Fredensborg Slot tomorrow, 10 April. Nope. Daisy and Henrik arrived today in Fredensborg for the annual fakkeltog welcome where all residents may come up to the steps of the castle for proclamations from the mayor and a torchlit procession. What the hell happened to get her out of Dodge earlier than even the official royal calendar says she'd be leaving? And on the heels of only these two photos of Daisy (sans famille) at church, this is unusual. Trouble in paradise? Surprise Sluuuuurrrrpson arrival in Aarhus? Couple this non-event for the press with the seeming press block-out of Mary in Denmark, and we get more curiousity than answers. Is Daisy finally putting the kibosh on Madam La Boganista?

Derfie, Henrik and Mary seem not to be believers, scooting out of the pews early every year, as if they had to return home to prepare lunch. Henrik has been very open about being more spiritual than religious and seems to have arrived at a good position with his wife about this vis-a-vis his official duties. But it's rather disconcerting that Derfie, as future head of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, doesn't seem to give a damn about anything that happens in a house of worship, excepting perhaps a whiff of incense. Mary is godless as we all know, so she isn't going to be the one to bring the Derfster around to graciousness and the beauty of all that is holy and divine.

Article: Aarhus Stiften

Royal Couple holds private Easter in Aarhus

Every year since their accession in 1972, the royal couple has held Easter in Aarhus.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik look well upon the Aarhus Saturday taken over by large demonstrations and the largest police presence in living memory. Just Saturday it was published that the royal couple would have its traditional residence at Marselisborg Castle.

It is a solid tradition of the royal couple to celebrate Easter in Aarhus.

The royal couple has, since their accession in 1972, resided at Marselisborg Castle every year for Easter.

An almost equally firm tradition is the fact that Easter at Marselisborg Castle is held privately. This means that the official programme does not contain duties. Queen Margrethe II always celebrates the ceremony with several visits to Aarhus Cathedral.

Friday, craftsmen were not quite finished upgrading the royal family's beloved Marselisborg Castle. Every fourth year, a paintbrush gets a tour of the facade, and work has been going on for several weeks.

However, the scaffolding has not yet been removed from the entire castle's facade.

It is envisaged that the royal couple's first published residence at Fredensborg Castle will be 10 April. The monarch has not informed anyone of what family members will come by this Easter for a visit at architect Hack Kampmann's palace, which stood ready for occupation in 1902.

For many inhabitants of Aarhus the Easter tour past the castle also has a solid tradition.

The Royal Guard as usual does the changing of the guard every day at 12 noon, when the Queen and Prince Henrik are at Marselisborg. Guards march from Guard Yard at 11.50 along Carl Nielsen's Road to the castle's main gate at the roundabout to the Royal Road.

From Easter 2008

Photos: HejRene and Flemming Krogh/Aarhus Stiftstidende

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