Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daisy in Rome: Sister Gets Her Dolce Vita On

Daisy's in the Eternal City of Rome today for the opening of an exhibit of the costumes she designed for The Wild Swans as well as some of her découpage. She has three days of duties in Italy before heading back to Denmark. This exhibit will eventually travel to Mexico, the US, China and Japan. Even Derfie's musician friend, Chris Minh Doky (husband to long-suffering Yrma LIW Tanja) will play in a jazz ensemble for Dais. Hopefully, he was able to take his wife who deserves time away from her Madam, and that this little trip and its exposure is considered payback for Chris and Tanja having to put up with MoreMore on several occasions including in 2010 with their children at the Circus Summarum.

After the reign of terror of Yrma the First, look for no more delightful cultural contributions nor any proof of an artistic monarch who nurtures her soul with downtime painting or designing. The soulless, culturally bankrupt reign of MoreMore will take place during the new Dark Ages for Denmark. Good luck with thatty!

Programme: Danish Royal Website

Wednesday, 11 April
The Danish Institute in Rome, 4:00pm
Her Majesty The Queen, along with Culture Uffe Elbaek and the Chairman of the Danish Institute Board, Ove Hornby, and the institute director Marianne Pade, will receive guests.

Thursday, 12 April
Presidential Palace (Quirinale), 6:30pm

The queen, together with Minister of Culture Uffe Elbaek, shall pay a courtesy visit to President Napolitano and then attend a jazz concert in the Cappella Paolina featuring Chris Minh Doky, Palle Mikkelborg and Italian musicians Fabrizio Bosso, Claudio Filippini and Lorenzo Tucci.

Friday, 13 April
Press conference at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, 11:00am

The Queen, along with museum director of Palazzo Massimo alle Terme Rita Paris and Culture Uffe Elbaek, participates in a press conference in connection with the opening of the exhibition "The Wild Swans" at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Thereafter the exhibit will be presented for the Queen, President Napolitano and Italian Culture Lorenzo Ornaghi.

The Official opening of the exhibition "The Wild Swans" at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, 6:45pm

The Queen, along with Culture Uffe Elbaek and museum director Rita Paris, participates in the official opening of the exhibition "The Wild Swans" at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.


  1. Hmmmm ... do we have a one-note Sally here? I wonder how many other countries she's going to trot the Wild Swans stuff to and how much she pays them to exhibit it so she can go "open" "her" exhibit. Stay home, Dais ... time for some new work.

  2. Indeed, she seems to be running a bit on vapors at this point. But she is still active in the world of the arts (no matter your opinion of her efforts), and therefore provides a vivid note of contrast to her pathetic Taswegian bogan-in-law who doesn't have any interest in producing art (fair enough, not everyone does), but no interest in knowing anything about it, either. Sculptures by the Sea only gets her support because it is Aussie.

  3. Dayzee is Denmark's autodidactic darling, well, to those who don't sit and swallow the slurp from BilledBarf and the like. She's paraded as some paragon that can mix kingdom with 'kunst',- art in the vernacular, it's all a big bias because of her birthright, but, the reality is another, and the presumptuous use of station to promote self is propaganda, on the same level as Yrma indulges in representing, bullying, starving Africa, battered women, and the rest!

  4. I absolutely agree with you, lupina. I think Daisy's as narcissistic as Yrma. But I've always seen her as Mary's foil. Daisy is from circles where one just ignores others' bad behaviour. Yrma comes from a world of husband-stealing, bitch-slapping, child-beating and open air teeth cleaning. It's a weird line to walk here at the blog.

  5. Yes, but you do it SO well, Cec!