Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yrma Cavorts with Design-y Scumbags & Pretends to Care About African Children When She Can't Even Be Bothered To Put a Barrette In Izzy's Hair

New outfit, check! Arrogant mien, check! Continued association with equally-uncaring, arsehole designers (Christian Stadil), check! More food for the Mother Icon nonsense, check! Promoting Apple products as per historical commercial vested interests, ie. Huggies, Dulux paints, JetStar, Cartier, check! Yrma was at the launch of a campaign today to wire Ethiopian mothers with iPhones. Because every starving woman needs an app to find daily deals on their tofu-wheatgrass smoothies after dropping the kids off at the refugee camp. That's how it is for Yrma!

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Press Release: Danish Royal Website

In her capacity as patron, HRH the Crown Princess today marks Maternity Worldwide's campaign "Save the life of a mother on Mother's Day" at the Fritz Hansen Showroom in Copenhagen.

The Crown Princess has since 2010 been a patron of the Danish development organisation that now for six years has been working to rescue women's and children's lives during pregnancy and childbirth in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the world's poorest countries, and mortality among women during pregnancy and childbirth is one of the highest in the world. Deaths with the right action can be prevented.

For the sixth consecutive year, Maternity Worldwide launches their campaign "Save the life of a mother on Mother's Day", where Danes all over the country have the opportunity to support Maternity Worldwide's work. This year the focus is directed at the organization's upcoming 4-year project, "Wired Mothers in Ethiopia." The project utilizes the telecommunications revolution on the African continent to use new and innovative opportunities to reach the poorest women and the remotest districts via mobile phones. The overall purpose is in line with Maternity Worldwide's vision that it should not cost lives to give life. Neither the mothers or newborns.

This year's Mother's Day gift is a cell phone cover for iPhone 4/4 S, designed by the man behind the Hummel and Company Karma, Christian Stadil. All proceeds go to Maternity Worldwide's projects.

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