Friday, May 25, 2012

Bitch, Please: Looker Me!, You Stupid Americans: Yrma Tries Find Fame By Catching Remnants of President Obama's Fairy Dust

It's going to her head! First royal godchild, a wee namesake, and those goddamn Americans STILL have the nerve to not know who she is? Not for long! Mary has a new portrait coming out by US-based, Danish newspaper artist Gugger Petter that will be displayed alongside a portrait of US President Barack Obama. (According to BT, the artist used The Chicago Tribune for Yrma's portrait.) Only hitch, the freaking idiots at the National Gallery of Art in DC never returned Madam's phone calls. So the portraits have to come to Denmark to be pushed in the faces of the tourists at the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen. Do American tourists even venture off the path of beers in Nyhavn and strolling through Tivoli to spend time in museums? First, Parade Magazine can't get Mary on a first name basis with the American public. A swing through highly populated and influential (snark) Iowa and Nebraska didn't do it, and even all those tours and new outfits in New York and DC didn't budge the poll numbers. What does it take, people? LOVE ME, dammit! I'm the new Dianer! You loved her, 'member? I'M Miss Africa, now, baby.

Artist's website: Gugger Petter

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Mary presents a portrait of herself

Hillerød: Crown Princess Mary is to reveal a whole new portrait of herself when she presents two new images to the collection at Frederiksborg Castle. The portrait will be exhibited along with a portrait of President Barack Obama. The unveiling of the new paintings takes place at Frederiksborg Castle on Thursday, 31 May.

The artist, Gugger Petter, who is of Danish origin and resides in the U.S., is behind the portraits. She has even taken the initiative of allowing her portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama to be exhibited over the summer at the National History Museum along with the portrait of Crown Princess to the delight of both Danish and foreign guests.

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