Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sportif!: Fweddie Hep Wiff Noofpaper Bizness, Learn Big Words

Well this should be an amusing challenge. Even the editor seems to understand that Derf can only work on the inconsequential part of the paper. But aren't newspaper editors supposed to be eloquent, expressive and ambassadors of language? Planet *#^$*borg is about to have its moment in the sun as Derfie twies to expwain da noos in dare langwage. Yay. Noofpapers weeve bwack marks on his fingahs. Boo.  Nanny haf to cwean dem hersef. Naked. Yay. Fweddie bwing sissors an gwue and make funny aminals wiff da noofpaper. Yay.

Article: BT

When employees at MetroXpress come in to work on 26 June, it will probably not be an ordinary day at the office.

Journalists and photographers and graphic artists will indeed have a very special editor in the Royal person of Crown Prince Frederik that day.

"We have decided to have him as guest editor, in his capacity as a dedicated IOC member. And because he is the prince, of course", recognizes Metro's editor Jonas Kuld Rathje.

As the Crown Prince is a member of the IOC and is a dedicated sports person, he has decided that on that day he will decide what should be included in the newspaper, MetroXpress is published for the newspaper stand under sports and the Games' symbol.

It is far from the first time that MetroXpress has guest editors from all other subjects. Previously, among other things, the Danish band Outlandish been a guest editor for Metro in Denmark, while the newspaper's foreign editions have had both Lady GaGa and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as the business editor.

"I look forward to, just like when we have other guest editors, putting the newspaper in the hands of others who are not used to making a paper. It will be a different take on what a newspaper can be and what content a non-newspaper person focuses on", says Jonas Kuld Rathje.

And he seems confident about the newspaper results in the newspaper-ignorant royal hands when Frederik switches his sports cap off with the editor cap.

"It will be fine, because we feel good we can do something else without the world coming to an end", says confidently from the daily editor.

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