Monday, May 14, 2012

South Korea, Day 5: Happy Anniversary, Baby, Don't Got You On My Mind

"I'd like the ones in the middle row, please! The big ones!"

8 years of this malarky and crickey, does it show on their faces! Funny seeing the calorie-starved Yrma at a cooking demonstration when even she is well on record as not being a cook, Derfie's the one who keeps the family blood sugar in the healthy range. And lookie how Mary leans in at the jewellery stand, licking her chops as if she were in that store in Vietnam again, being told to choose something she could take for free. What a bogan. Contrast the interest she shows at all the other stands - none. Just lots of hand gesticulating and eyes halfway up in her skull as if she is saying anything remotely interesting.

The Derf Man actually looks good, healthy, somewhat alive and engaged with his hosts. The clock must be ticking on his remaining time with La Boganista. Perhaps the gray men are currently preparing Madam's future abode and possibly Australian repatriation. First, they've got to collect all of the little bits of Ingrid's rubies that she's managed to have Daisy pay for in smaller, more portable mode to make sure the entire inventory is accounted. Otherwise, plan on seeing bits here and there show up at Indonesian or Gold Coast flea markets.

Cooking show at the Grand Hyatt. As if Mary had ever eaten the classic Danish dessert æbleskiver.

Business Meetings and Pearl S. Buck Association donation ceremony

Evening Gala Dinner

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