Friday, May 25, 2012

The Danish Royal Family Attend Annual Life Guards Concert at Royal Theatre

Smokin' hot, sister. Well played!

Nice to see that Daisy doesn't get a gag reflex from showing up twice in one week for an official event with cousins Ingolf and his wife Countess Sussie af Rosenborg. Maybe they are looking better and better the longer Madam La Boganista sticks around. Poor cousins Elisabeth and Christian, Ingolf's siblings, who keep being left out of things like this, as well as the baptisms of some of Daisy's grandchildren. At least Ingolf and Sussie weren't completely ignored by Yrma this time as they were at lille prins Henrik's christening (2:50).

The occasion was a concert last night in honour of Daisy's 40th Jubilee by the Royal Lifeguards' Music Corps at the Royal Theatre. Guests included Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie; Joachim's private secretary Kurt Bache and his wife; Marie's LIW Britt Siesbye; PR flunky Lene Balleby; and Ellen Hillingsø's parents, friends of Daisy. Click on the link below to download a ringtone of King Frederik IX's March in honour of Derfie's grandfather.

Photo Gallery: Billed Bladet
About the Organisation: Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps

Photos: Lars Larsen

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  1. Mary looks more like a man as she ages.