Monday, May 14, 2012

Funeral: Carl Johan Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg, né Prince of Sweden

Carl Johan with his wife Gunilla at their home in Sweden

This morning at the Maria Church in Båstad, Sweden, Carl Johan Bernadotte was laid to rest. Carl Johan was the younger brother of Denmark's Queen Ingrid and therefore the uncle to the Danish queen, and Swedish king, via his father, Crown Prince Gustaf (died 1947). Both were in attendance at the church service, in addition to their spouses, Princess Benedikte, Queen Anne-Marie, Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel, and two of the king's sisters.

Carl Johan was a beloved member of the family, staying close to his sister Ingrid and his royal nieces and nephews and providing them with a link to their Bernadotte roots, and British Connaught connections (via his mother Crown Princess Margareta, born Princess Margaret of Connaught). He was a jovial man who also reminded Daisy of her Rosenborg cousins' fate, losing his princely title upon marriage to a commoner compatriot.

Princess Désirée and one of her sons

Princess Margretha, Princess Christina and Prince Carl Philip

Widow Gunilla with Carl Johan's adopted children Monica and Christian

Anne-Marie and Benedikte


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