Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Pills In Extremis: Yrma Goes Psychodelic at Henrik's WWF Party at Fredensborg

Tonight is the celebration party for the 40th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund - Denmark at the Orangerie at Fredensborg Castle (where Fred's 40th birthday party was held, therefore where MoreMore's all-night air guitaring session was held). As predicted with Mary's prior engagement today, psychotropic drugs are definitely in the water - but this time they must be in Anja's glass. Derf looks caught in a fluorescent Henry Darger painting that's been filtered through a psychodelic Polynesian acid trip muumuu, standing between his wife-bot and his mother. Look at poor Marie's face; I get it, girl, they're ridiculous, but the bottom line is, you're the most normal one of this bunch. Félicitations!

Henrik was at the Asia House just prior to this dinner for their Elephant Parade. This is similar to the event that Xian attended a few years ago at the zoo's Elephant House when his Nanny Mette was able to coax lots of love and smiles out of the little one, after which she was summarily sacked. NO ONE upstages Madam La Boganista, and that includes Daisy in a gala cheomsang-off like at the dinner tonight. Funny she didn't even find her psychotropic Sex and the City party dress to be loud enough for this event!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Article: BT

Gitte Seeberg on Her Way to See Henrik

When the Prince Consort this evening hosts the celebration of WWF's 40 year anniversary, one person especially will be a bit nervous.

The General Secretary of the Fund, Gitte Seeberg, has written a speech to the Prince Consort, who 40 years ago founded the Danish division of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and ever since has been its president. The speech is written with humour, and Seeberg hopes that the Prince Consort also take it with a smile.

"I've made ​​a little speech to His Royal Highness, and I am pleased to give it to him. He has plenty of humour, and I hope he too will have the same when I get told I need tonight," says Gitte Seeberg to

She will not reveal what the speech is about, and instead tells about what she has experienced with the Prince Consort.

"His Royal Highness himself has such humour, and I have had the pleasure to travel with him a few times. There was one time in Indonesia, where we saw orangutans and coral reefs. Recently we were in French Guyana in South America, where we looked at all sorts of exciting projects", says Gitte Seeberg and tells a little bonus info on the Prince Consort.

"And it's been a pleasure every time because he is fun to travel with. He gets into it deep, no matter where he is and who he meets with", says Gitte Seeberg, who looks forward to the anniversary celebration in the Orangerie at Fredensborg Slot.

"I've been looking forward to this for half a year and I hope it will be a fun night", she says to

241 guests have each paid 4,800 kroner to attend tonight's dinner, offering a sumptuous menu. Profits from the event will go to WWF.

The royal couple, the crown princely couple and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are all in for tonight's event.

Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix 2012

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  1. Mary seems to be under the false impression that she has the ability to wear Pucci and other similar loud prints. No way José. She's too big and manly and completely devoid of a personality, something you need to stand up to the outré effects of large-scale multicolored prints.