Friday, May 4, 2012

Yrma Polluted Sustainable Fashion Fest With Toxic Personality

"Really, honey? A yellow belt, nude shoes, no stockings and a brown bag? What were you thinking?"

Yrma camera-whoring par excellence, here! In a (Swedish) H&M dress worn not long ago at all (and probably not washed in the spirit of saving water, polluting the conference further with Madam's standard sweaty-hairy-pit-odour), La Comtesse de Monpezat, Madam La Boganista attended a fashion summit at the Opera House with the theme of sustainable fashion. Speaking in rather Aussie-accented English (hm, where'd that Danish accent go, Mares?), she told the assembled guests, blah blah blah looker me blah blah blah blah where are my notes oh yeah blah blah blah pregnant pause for attention blah blah blah aren't I cute blah blah. VERY inspiring.

In the evening, there was a dinner to which Yrma actually wore a satin dirndl skirt. As if she were a 25 year old secretary accompanying her boss to a fancy event. Even Yrma's subconscious betrays her! Mystery: where'd the scars on the top of her left foot come from? Kicking Derfie around after discovering him saying sweet nothings over the phone to a hot blonde? Oh, and Tanja is over it.

Video: TV2

Interview: CNN

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

As patron, HRH The Crown Princess participates today at 11 o'clock at opening of the "Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012" conference at the Opera House the theme of which is the forefront of sustainable fashion.

The event brings together over 1000 participants from leading fashion companies worldwide. Corporate Social Responsibility experts, EU officials and political leaders can identify new opportunities and future options for shaping the global fashion industry to tackle the increasing challenges facing the industry.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries. Hoping to make social responsibility a part of the industry's DNA, the Danish Fashion Institute, with support from the UN, developed a new ethical code specifically tailored to the fashion industry and its challenges will be presented at the conference. The framework will be open for input until the end of 2012, and the goal is that it will serve as a tool for the global fashion industry in efforts to incorporate socially responsible business principles and ensure the effectiveness and uniformity in the industry's sustainability initiatives.

This afternoon the Crown Princess attends the sustainable "Copenhagen Fashion Summit" fashion show and participates in the final part of the conference. In addition, the Crown Princess also will participate in the official conference dinner to be held at the Stock Exchange tonight.

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  1. Yrma is kwite klooless, but 'Yrma polluted sustainable fashion with toxic poisonality' is a crakah!