Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Christening of Prinsessan Estelle: Yrma's Title Trumps Her Personality: Vickan Knows About the Coming Danish Republic

"Somebody please listen to me about that Mary creature!!"

Sweet little Princess Estelle was baptised today in the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. Depending on your read of the political structure in Sweden, the future queen or future gym empire heiress was sprinkled with water from Öland and joined the family of Christians in a noble ceremony that put the Danish heir's baptism to shame, style-wise. The Order of the Seraphim was bestowed on the little one, she was laid in an 18th century cradle next to the receiving line in a gown from 1906, and kept a skeptical look on her face during the entire service. She knows she got f*cked in the royal godmama department. She knows she's sharing breathing space with Unca Carl Philip's Snake Girl. She knows Unca Derfie hit on Auntie Madde, not recognising her with dark hair.

Yrma wore her flying saucer hat from Monaco that she bought to wear to Will and Kate's wedding, except that she didn't get an invitation; a gold Chanel quilted bag that signals her middle-age; a gold dress she wore on an official visit to Romania to get fresh gypsy wiglets; and a white coat from her large collection. She was fidgety, lost and wholly self-conscious as a high level guest with an actual role as spiritual advisor to this young princess. Madde looked elegant, pretty and happy; her dark hair is very flattering to her blue eyes and complexion and Mr. O'Neil is clearly flattering to her spirit. Maxima was true to her source and rocked a bright red suit and wonderful turban hat with some misguided stripper pumps. Sweet Mathilde looked great, too, in shimmery, dark neutrals.

Victoria must know that having Cousin Derf as a godparent would only lead to embarrassing waterworks and Daniel's discomfort knowing Fred's love for Victoria. She must also have a sense that asking the Crown Princess of Denmark instead of the future king signals the impending end to the Danish monarchy. Poor Mary. She thinks it's because she's a wonderful role model. Nah. Just favours to Daisy & Daniel and keeping Fred's tears from staining the baby's dress.

Video, Part 1: SVT

Video, Part 2: SVT

Official Photos: Kugahuset

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Princess Christina and husband Tord Magnusson

Princesses Margretha, Désirée and Birgitta

Hereditary Grand-Duke Guillaume and fiancée Stéphanie de Lannoy

Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe

Yrma and Crown Prince Haakon who wisely wore sterile gloves in Madam's presence

Princess Maxima, Derf and Princess Madeleine

This is not a face that will age well

Photos: Henrik Montgomery


  1. I still can't believe ymra was chosen as a godmother. Maybe they are close. But watching her smug face was too much for me.

  2. I think it is more that Victoria is an extremely kind and empathetic person and that she could see clearly that no one else was going to pick the weird bogan with a twitchy left foot, wonky eye and questionable fashion and life choices for their team. It was a pity-based rescue by someone whose life position guarantees that if anything gets out of hand in Denmark, she is insulated from the wreckage.