Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yrma Continues Charade of Useless Charity Effort in Denmark; DRF Working on Fumes At This Point

Always ready to pose for a 16 year old hottie!!!

Yrma opened a campaign against sun cancer today under overcast skies, completing trumping her desire to bring all of Australia's real and pressing issues to a country that doesn't have the need or cultural urgency for them. That's our marketing genius! Pretend to be about something ostensibly important, then with the peasants distracted enough to not notice that the issue has nothing to do with them, sweep in as the star of the show. Yrma is like Chinese food to the Danes: seems to be yummy looking and what they want, but leaves them empty and wanting more just after she goes down the hatch.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Video: TV2

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