Friday, May 11, 2012

South Korea Day 2: Powered Down and Neutered Into Submission

"This is for all you ignorant, ugly slags! SEE! We are still red hot, baby. RED HOT."

Wow. This pair of turds is OFF. The gray men have followed them to South Korea and unplugged them, taken out their batteries, refused to recharge them, drugged them into Asian submission and set them loose on their hosts. Even Mary's stupid costuming is gone. (Caroline Kennedy should sue for trademark infringement.) I guess they had no choice. The Charles and Diana debacle in this same country 20 years ago has been in the back of the minds of the entire court staff and they will do everything they can - including forcing an unconvincing, "spontaneous", cold-as-ice kiss between this couple - to stop the bullet train to Divorceville. Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrpson claws are dug deep, they are up against the best. Let's see who'll win. They both look knackered from the effort. That ain't jet lag, that is bile-laden disgust and internal stewing.

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Sumsung Medical Centre

"Look kid, you don't need that mask around me. I don't eat, so I'm never exposed to bacteria. Except when my husband comes home from a night out."

"Do you get how much easier you have it than those African kids?"

"See, I made you feel better!"

"You know, a little miso and wheatgrass diet will shave off those extra kilos in no time."

"See, I'm a helpful and loving icon for maternal nurturing!"

Green Global Growth Summit


"Er, hvad er det, hey, qu'est-ce que tennis fun kimchee blonde, så."

"Do you know any clubs where I could hook up later with some really hot babes?"

"Sir, we're here for work and promoting Danish business interests."

Daelin Contemporary Art Museum

Lunch at Blue House with the President and First Lady

Yeosu Expo 2012 Opening

Yrma's wearing that ugly shawl she wore to Patty's wedding in Tas, January 2004 when this infamous photie was taken. Messaging to Derf?

PHOTOS: Keld Navntoft/SCANPIX and Lee Jae-Won


  1. Her looks have totally jumped the shark. It's amazing how bad she looks on this trip. there are a million miles between her and derf man.

  2. WTF? They barely look at each other then the big kiss. Please Fred grow up and give her the boot.