Thursday, May 10, 2012

South Korea Day 1: Chuck & Di Redux 20 Years Later: Let the Games Begin!

Please note the separate monogrammes, not their joint one. Hm.

Yrma must be hyper aware that this is her Diana on the rails moment. Surely she is processing the fact that even with Diana's massive charisma and international public support, she could not fight the millenial institution of monarchy. Fred will win in the end, not by force of personality or on meritous grounds, but because he is the heir to Gorm the Old, sprung from the marshy loins of Danish kings and born on the right side of the blanket. Yrma would be wise to remain in the good graces of the gray men as long as it takes so that she can at least negotiate an appropriate abode and severance package (highly doubtful she'll fight hard for the children).

Given this gray mood, Madam has chosen a costume from the "Official Visit" armoire and is getting her Jackie Kennedy on again. If Diana isn't an appropriate role model any longer (Mary may still not escape early death given her maternal genetic gift), perhaps a better one is a former First Lady who snagged a rich man and her own island in the process. Better an island in Aussie waters than Greek ones (Mary heard that they're poor now - ew!), but an island nonetheless. Sunny yellow isn't exactly changing Mary's mood for the better, and the dress is just ill fitting. Cap sleeves were never her friend (like Anja isn't either), and the accordion pleat skirt is a haven for emerging middle-aged pot bellies and presque-zizis. Alas, Yrma's pz doesn't seem happy enough to make an appearance yet.

She seems awfully stifled by the Asian protocol, walking behind her husband, who seems by and large to be in a constrasting relaxed mood. Perhaps Mary's dress colour is to distract Derfie's yellow fever obsession onto herself, and away from the delightful, petite Asian honies who are surrounding them for the next week, as if to say, "I gotcher yeller fever right here, buddy". Good luck, Mary. The look isn't much better in the evening for dinner at the Prime Minister's residence, the dress washes her out entirely. But look at Yrma: managed to sneak some of Ingrid's rubies out of the country! Sister will not go down without a fight! Careful, Fred!

Photo Gallery: Zimbio

Photo Gallery: BT

Arrival at Airport

Design Inspiration: Colourful Urban Yummy Mummy Meets Letizia in JCrew

War Memorial Visit

Wardrobe Inspiration: First Lady Jackie Kennedy c. 1963

Prime Minister's Dinner

Style inspiration: Gigi Stopper (Annie Potts) and her hair bomb on GCB

PHOTOS: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Asia-Pac


  1. Poor Queen Ingrid must be rolling in her grave when La Boganista parades in her ruby parure. At least this time Mares had to walk behind Fred, where her real place is...

  2. The thing is, those rubies are not allowed out of Denmark at all (Sweden is the only place that rule is relaxed because the parure was brought to DK from there by Ingrid). How on earth did Daisy or the gray men allow that? Or is it because they have the real rubies, and Mary just has paste, thinking its rubies?

  3. The sugars are saying that mares looks preggers in these dresses. God help us all if she is.

  4. God help us if she is indeed incubating the Miracle Triplets. But that would also mean that she is playing her very last card because the deck is so stacked against her and royal attorney Henrik Wedell-Wedellsborg is sharpening up the divorce settlement.

    I just think Mary has not come to terms with her body. She's early middle age, doesn't have nice genetics, has had three pregnancies and the body doesn't like being starved. She has a pot belly now and a small spare tire in the making. Her weight will show up in her mid section. Same as her sisters and consistent with their body types. Mary's narcissism is going to have a hard time keeping up with the reality of life past 40.