Thursday, May 31, 2012


Uh, tiny nose, Kate eyeliner and plumped up sourpuss lips along with Ingrid's rubies as earrings and a judgmental mien. Interesting "artistic vision" (strict orders from Madam!?).

Yrma got the orgasm of her life when her latest portrait was unveiled next to one of US President Barack Obama by the same artist at the National History Museum at Frederiksberg Castle today. Inspiration to artist Guggar Petter must have been found either here, here, here, here or here. Riding high from her overrated position as godmother and "namesake" to little Princess Elle in Sweden, Madam La Boganista admired her own very well-madeover visage as rendered in newspaper, the medium which in her mind made her a STAR. And sitting next to Obama's newspaper face, WHO AMONG THE PEASANTS WOULD DOUBT IT?

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

"Yes, My Royal Magnificence is here!"

"Yes! They are all staring at my magnificent body!"

"Weeeee! So exciting! About to unveil my newspapered magnificence!"

"I am magnificence personified!"

"What magnificence!"

"Do you peasants see how beautifully magnificent I am even rendered in newspaper!?"

"Look how magnificent you made me!"

"I really am so irresistably magnificent that I will continue to not make eye contact with this person in white who is standing too close."

"I can't stop looking at my magnificence!"

"Your piddly flowers are less magnificent than me, but I'll take 'em anyways."


Photos: Torkel Adsersen/Scanpix 2012

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  1. Jeez that portrait looks like one of Kate! What is Mary's damage that she now has to be a vapid, dumb English chick?