Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hillary Visits Copenhagen: Hey, Daisy, This Is What a Real, High-Powered Career Woman Looks Like

Hillary in her silver Georg Jensen "Daisy" pin at her neck - now that's how you honour and flatter your host!

US Secretary of State and general bad-ass Hillary Clinton was in Copenhagen today to meet the queen and take questions from students at the Black Diamond, otherwise known as the Royal Library. Daisy, this is what a hard-working career woman from the anglo-saxon world looks like. Well, if not extravagantly, groomed; practically but appropriately clothed; unglamourous but approachable with a body language that says 'let's make things happen!', without intimidation or threat. She is relaxed but ready to get it done. She is not a phony "real estate agent" or pseudo-lawyer (she's a real attorney from a top notch university, Yale Law '73) who started a company in her twenties with the very revealing name of King Cash with the dude she was shacked up with who wouldn't marry her. In her twenties, Ms. Clinton was registering disenfrancised Hispanic voters along the US-Mexico border and fending off her equally intelligent and well-educated boyfriend's demands for her hand in marriage. When Ms. Clinton was 28 years old she was not bedding 18 year old rookie rugby players, but was a university faculty member. When you are going to be the future president of the US - you know, have a plan - it just doesn't pay to do anything but work your arse off and strive to make your brain and the world better from it.

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Sisters are doing it for themselves. A preview of 2016?

Hillary Clinton Thanks the US's Good Friend - Us.

Denmark's role as an international frontrunner is important, declares Hillary Clinton, who is in Denmark to say thanks for the efforts of her close allies.

If there are two countries that go hand in hand on the international scene, it's Denmark and the USA. Despite various changes of government the two countries insist upon a partnership, and this was acknowledged as the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday paid a visit to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister.

"It is an honour for me to be here. We have a close cooperation, and Denmark plays an important role as an international pioneer in several areas, so I come first and foremost to say thank you", said Clinton.

"Sometimes you forget that the ones you always can trust deserve thanks, so on behalf of my country and my government, I thank you and the Danish population", said the Foreign Minister to Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The Danish Prime Minister reciprocated by confirming that the ties between Denmark and the US are strong.
"Our countries share important core values ​​and we are close allies", declared Thorning-Schmidt, before the two politicians went in private to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, the European economy and the green partnership between the US and Denmark, which will be launched during Hillary Clinton's visit to Denmark.

Denmark is the first stop on the Secretary of State's tour, which will also go to Norway, Sweden, the Caucasus countries and Turkey.

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  1. Take note Mary! Hillary is a DOER not a TAKER!
    Accomplished, smart and capable, a power making in her own right without a need to marry up to be somebody. People can still be accomplished reaching the pinnacle of achievement without archaic titles and living off of the public.