Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Return of the Sluuuuuurrrrrrrrrpsons: Daisy Pushes Them Two Steps Back, Jock Takes One Large Lurch Forward

Look at that forward spinal thrust! A chiropractor's wet dream.

Mary shoots across Daisy's bow with a pointed arrow de bogan aimed right at the heart of the Danish monarchy. Don't F with the Bogansons, baby. Jock ain't going anywhere. No sign of the Dumpling, Susan Moody, but rumour is that she was detained at the dock for exceeding the weight limit of the aptly named "Diva Viking".

Derfie was in Hellerup, the upper class suburb north of Copenhagen, for a dragon class sailing race at the yacht club on 18-19 May. The Nanoq came in 12th out of 26 competitors by the end of the 5th and final race. On his team were Theis Palm and Kasper Harsberg, who has been sailing on the Nanoq with Fred for a while and was in Hobart in 2002 when Mary showed up for the awards dinner with Fred in a shiny dress with no bra.

Hellerup is the municipality where Xian goes to primary school on the taxpayers' dollar with all the snooty kids instead of paying for private education and risking him not passing the entrance exams. (Just how big a carbon footprint do the clown princes make to cart this kid from Amalienborg up the coast 20 miles to his school ever day!?) Hellerup is also the ritzy suburb where Professor Jock 'Half-Mast' Boganson and Suse tried to live for a few months between his one semester boarding school gig and a trip back to Oz before settling on their attack location in a converted goat barn avec satellite dish in the shadow of the Chateau de Cayx.

And you wonder where Mary's round shoulders came from!

Aww, Izzy looks happy to see Daddy Derf. He may be a doofus, but at least he loves his kids!

Fred's Nanoq sailor friend who was also at his 40th birthday party and present during Nipplegate in 2002 in Hobart.


  1. Anyone else notice that Xian isn't wearing a life jacket until the paps show up?!

  2. your right. Jock's nudging him in the second pic to put it on. I think Jock can't get enough of the high life he feels to deserve and he will never leave denmark as long as his little girl is a royal there.. hopefully not for long!!!! (go away Mary- kick her out Fred)!

  3. Do not approve danish tax money finance family fun for Frederiks greedy father-in-law. Harboe has for many years been funding sailing ships for danish royalty. Athena is a Danish Water product from Harboe. Must be a coincidence;-).

  4. Jock McGreedy would look rather good in a loincloth with a club in his hand, must be something to do with the humpback and primitive demeanour...