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Sportif!: Derfie Daydreams About Freedom During Sylvan Self-Pleasuring Photo Session

Well, it's how MoreMore gets off, too: having her photo taken in a forest setting, surrounded by pricey, masculine toys, jerking on her presque-zizi. So, why shouldn't Derfie take his own version of sportif glamour shots to boost his self-esteem, if not PR?

Derfie seems to be telling us through these photos, under the guise of his sportif IOC persona, that he needs help. This is not a man in a happy, fulfilling, loving, mutually satisfying marriage. In the article, he apparantly gives his training tips. Training for what - running far, and away? How to you train your motivation to rise from a state of atrophy to one of action? Those are the tips you really need, Freddles! This ain't rugged sexy or the best shape of his life since the Navy SEALS, as he says in the interview, this is buggered sadness.

Article: Aktiv Træning (requires subscription)

Article: BT

Well-tuned Crown Prince: This Is How I Keep Myself in Shape

It requires energy and good condition to enable training and playing together with four lively kids. 44-year-old Crown Prince Frederik is struggling to be an energetic and healthy father, who will also have the energy to play with his children ten years from now. Therefore it is extremely important for him to stay in good shape, writes BT today.

One of the major driving forces for the Crown Prince's dedication to sports is that he doesn't want 6-year-old Christian, 5-year-old Isabella and the year-old twins Vincent and Josephine to grow up with an old father.

 "After I had children, one of the carrots for me was that I want to be energetic, even when they become teenagers. Being able to experience something with them rather than be an old father, who does not bother with anything and says 'Can't you just run out and play?'", said Crown Prince Frederik in an exclusive interview with Active Training in their June issue.

Crown Prince Frederik has been bitten by a mad sports bug and his sporting resume is impressive. The count includes six marathons with 3:06:49 as his best time; a 90 km cross country skiing run in the difficult Vasaløb race; demanding mountain bike races and more at great locations like the European Championships; and World Cup dragon boating.

Crown Prince Frederik told Aktiv Træning that right now he is in his "adult form" life. He has not been in better shape since his time in the Frogman Corps and never been in better shape than cross country now. And it requires disciplined training.


Your buddy Cece has broken through the finance zone and gotten her grubby hands on Fred's Top Training Tips! Lucky you - man boobs and the mien of a sad, homeless man will soon be yours! Read between the lines for little jabs at his family. No pain no gain doesn't always work, Fred. He used to have a t-shirt that read "Pain is weakness leaving the body". Pain after 40 deserves a response. Interesting speciman, this Derfster. The embedded photos shown came with the article.

How I Stay in Shape


As with so many other people so pinch it off and on with the motivation for the Crown Prince."If I for 3-4 weeks have not been thereI take myself by my neck and say now you need to get started", he says in the interview with Aktiv Træning, in which he also says that four children help to keep him in shape. Although the first run is often harsh, and it requires a lot of self-discipline to run at 5:30 in the morning, "I think it is awful for the first 10 minutes, until the body is warm. You're both tired and groggy, and everything is just completely uphill. But then when you stand in your dressing room afterwards, then you are ready to tackle the day", he says.


Frederik pushes himself to achieve better results - even if it hurts. "One's body can tolerate much more than you think. And you can even tolerate much more than you think. And more than your mother and your wife think. There is a lot to get there. One should not be afraid that it hurts. That is certainly my attitude", he says to Aktiv Træning. The ability to persevere was incorporated into the '80s, where the Crown Prince was in the military and was ordered to train.

Competitive genes
The Crown Prince is a competitive person, causing him to ignore fatigue and biting pain. He has lined up in several races and competitions to test himself. "Something happens to you when faced with a starting number on your stomach. Adrenaline pumps through your body before the start", says Crown Prince Frederik to Aktiv Træning and continues: "It is fine to exercise and keep yourself in shape, but there are differences in training and combat training,as we all know". Crown Prince Frederik believes that everyone should give themselves the experience of participating in a competition.


The Crown Prince is also an active mountain running. He has several times participated in the demanding Merida MTB-Marathon, where in 2008 he traveled 103 km in seven hours, 25 minutes and 36 seconds after just one month's training. He's a little hard to find time for long bike rides in the woods now with four children, but he always tries to train up to run.

Cross country skiing

Crown Prince Frederik has great cross-country experience from his trips to Northeast Greenland. In March he participated in the 90 km long Vasaløb with the time of 6 hours, 36 minutes and 32 seconds. In five months he trained with his personal trainer, Ulrich Ghisler. This is what he told BT, that Frederick practiced two or three times a week. The training consisted of racing in the early morning hours when the fat metabolism could develop best, going 20-35 mile rides on roller skis, training on ski-machines and doing 25-30 push-ups every day.


Looks like cousins Richard and Ingrid von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth on the dock

The Crown Prince is an elite sailor, participating in sea trials and competitions at a high level. He is best known for sail boat type Farr 40 and kites. In 2011, he finished fourth at the European Championships in dragon boating and finished sixth at the World Championships in 2003.


Crown Prince Frederik has run six marathons with 3:06:49 as his best time. He reveals to Aktiv Træning that he runs five kilometers in 22 minutes. Frederik also says that he always has a pair of running shoes in his bag when he is away on travel. He has among other places, run during trips to St. Petersburg, in Afghanistan and Eritrea, where he visited Danish soldiers.


Tennis is also close to the crown prince's heart. He has played against Caroline Wozniacki at a private event at Fredensborg Castle. "He is talented," Wozniacki told BT. According to Frederik, he should probably have been scored in tennis digits as 6-0, 6-0, if they had played for points.


Photos: Ulrick Jantzen

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