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South Korea Tour: Derf & Yrma To Reprise Chuck & Di's Fatal Foreign Visit. You Wanna Be a Windsor, Mary? Get a Good Divorce Lawyer.

As reported in February, and following Derfie's March visit to Pyeongyang with the IOC to plan the transfer of his marital rights to Yrma, Queen of the Louboutins, over to Kim Jong Un (or to dump her at the DMZ if KJU takes one look and reneges on the deal), the Clown Prince Couple of Denmark will be paying an official visit to South Korea, 20 years after the heir to the British throne and his wife made an indelible visit that marked the turning point of the end of their marriage.

Let's see: on the agenda is - of course! - a visit to the 2012 Expo's Aussie pavilion. Can't let Madam go too long without reminding Australia that she is theirs in her heart, if not legally Australian anymore. There is also a visit to the DMZ (who will succeed in dumping his or her spouse across the barbed wire - Derfie or Yrma? Taking bets, now!) and a visit with a "Dr. You". Is this Dr. Yehudi Geldstein's Korean based cousin? Hmm. Careful, Froddo, if you return to Denmark with Miracle Triplets, the gig is up, you are done, toast. Stick a fork in him. The rape and pillage of Denmark begins officially upon the oldest royal gargoyle's 18th birthday - in less than 13 years from now. Bogan sluuuuurrrrrrrrpers take over the tundra and hand out the spoils to their Taswegian cousins. Gud bevare, Denmark!!!

In the meantime, the burial of MorMor Ingrid's youngest brother will take place in Sweden on 14 May, sparing the family from MoreMore Yrma's camera-whoring or Derfie's tears for darling granny Ingrid's last family member.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Seoul, Thursday 10 May
South Korea's war memorial, 3:00pmThe Crown Prince Couple and Business and Development Minister Ole Sohn visit the South Korean war memorial and lay a wreath at the Danish memorial plaque. One minute's silence will be held to the music piece "Last Post".

Official welcome in government building, 4:00pm
The Crown Prince Couple and Business and Development Minister Ole Sohn meet Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik in the government building and are presented with an official welcome to South Korea.

Dinner in the Prime Minister's residence, 7:00pm
The Crown Prince Couple and Business and Development Minister Ole Sohn participate in a dinner with South Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, together with representatives from the South Korean government and the official Danish business delegation.

Friday 11 May

Samsung Medical Centre, 7:15am
The Crown Princess visits the intensive neonatal unit, the pediatric cancer ward and cancer school at Samsung Medical Center, Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu.

"Global Green Growth Summit", 9:30am The Crown Prince and Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach participate in the South Korean Government Conference "Global Green Growth Summit". The conference brings together top economists and environmental experts to discuss ways to intensify international cooperation to support countries that are trying out for green growth. The conference spans three days and takes place at the Lotte Hotel.

Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, 10:45am
The Crown Prince Couple appears at the Finn Juhl exhibition at Daelim Museum. The exhibition presents Danish furniture tradition and - design in South Korea through time and marks the 100-year anniversary of furniture designer Finn Juhl's birth.

Lunch at the Blue House, 12:00pm
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Growth Minister are welcomed to South Korea by ​​President Lee Myung-bak and First Lady, Lady Kim Yoon-ok, who will host a lunch. The presidential couple has previously met with the Crown Prince at the South Korean state visit to Denmark in May 2011.

Coloplast, 1:15pm
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Growth Minister participate in the celebration of Coloplast's 5-year anniversary in South Korea at the Shilla Hotel. At this event Coloplast will make a donation to the "South Korean Gastrointestinal Surgical Society."


EXPO 2012, 6:00pm
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Growth Minister participate in a dinner organised by the Korean Government for EXPO 2012 and will attend the EXPO 2012s following the opening ceremony.

Saturday 12 May

The Danish EXPO 2012 Pavilion, 9:30am The Crown Prince Couple opens and showcases EXPO 2012's Danish pavilion with the participation of the Business and Growth Minister.

The Australian Expo 2012 pavilion, 10:30am
The Crown Prince Couple will visit EXPO 2012's Australian pavilion.

The Korean EXPO 2012 Pavilion, 11:10am
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Development Minister visit the South Korean EXPO 2012 pavilion.

Daewoo shipyard in Okpo, 2:40pm
Crown Prince Frederik and the Business and Development Minister visit Daewoo shipyard in Okpo, and Crown Prince will cut the first steel for Maersk's first "triple E" container. "Triple E" container ships being launched as the world's largest and most environmentally friendly container vessels.

Seoul, Sunday 13 May

MoA (Museum of Modern Art, Seoul National University), 10:00am
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Development Minister will attend the opening of clothing design driver Peter Jensen's exhibition at the MoA and will subsequently be shown around the exhibition.

Corso Como, 11:00am
The Crown Prince Couple and the Business and Development Minister will attend opening of Georg Jensen's exhibition, where also a Danish silversmith will be present.

DMZ (The demilitarized zone), 1:30pm
The Crown Prince Couple, Business Development Minister Ole Sohn and Trade and Investment Minister Pia Olsen Dyhr visit the "Joint Security Area" in the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea.

Crown of Danish Film, 4:00pm
The Crown Prince and Princess will attend the opening of the Danish Film Festival "Crown of Danish Film" at Cinemateque and be received by the South Korean Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Mr. Kwang-Shik Choe. Following the opening display trailer for Danish films, the Crown Princess will visit an exhibition of Danish film posters.

"LEGO History Wall" at the Olympic Stadium, 5:00pm
The Crown Prince visits exhibition LEGO "LEGO History Wall" at the Olympic Stadium and become a crane lifted up to put the last brick on the record "LEGO World Tower."

Monday 14 May

Business Seminars, 9:30am The Crown Prince participates in business seminars dealing with defense technology, CO2-neutral technology, naval, offshore and food technology at the Grand Hyatt.
Crown Princess participates in business seminars dealing with food and gastronomy, design and architecture.
The Crown Prince then inspect an exhibition of Danish products and innovative solutions.

Food and gastronomy seminars, 11:30am The Crown Princess participates in a cooking show at the Grand Hyatt, where the owner of the Michelin restaurant AOC, Christian Arøe is host.

Leo Pharma Korea's 1-year anniversary, 2:45pm
The Crown Prince Couple participate in the celebration of Leo Pharma Korea's 1-year anniversary at the Shilla Hotel and will on this occasion be introduced to the Pearl S. Buck Association's work and attend a donation ceremony.

SK Energy, 3:45pm
The Crown Prince visits from SK Energy and presented to South Korean telecommunications based smartphones, SK's activity center. The Crown Prince attends the signing of the agreement between Haldor Topsoe and SK for fuel cell development.

Meeting with Dr. You, 5:00pm
The Crown Prince meets with Dr. You at Shilla Hotel. Dr. You wrote as a student to the then King Frederik IX with a desire to live in Denmark. Dr. You received a few months later a personal invitation to come to Denmark and be a student in the MFA. When he returned to Korea, he was adviser to the then President Park and by using the Danish examples, he was the mastermind behind the successful. South Korean agricultural reform.

Gala Dinner, 7:00pm
The Crown Prince Couple, the Business and Growth Minister, the Trade and Investment Minister and Education minister Morten Østergaard are guests at the gala dinner at the Shilla Hotel, with entertainment by the Danish artist Thomas Helmig, Poul Reimann and Uppercut Dance Theatre, as well as fashion shows by Day Birger et Mikkelsen, FLEYE and Kopenhagen Fur.

Tuesday 15 May

Korean-Danish green growth alliance, 9:20am
The Crown Prince opens the Korean-Danish Green Growth Alliance's second meeting at Shilla Hotel and witness the signing of cooperation agreements between public and private South Korean and Danish organizations.

The Association of unmarried mothers and their families, 9:45am
The Crown Princess participates in a meeting with unmarried mothers and their children and hear their personal stories.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen, 10:50am
The Crown Prince Couple visits the Day Birger et Mikkelsen's shop and is received by the shop owner, Keld Mikkelsen.

Opening the Danish "pop-up" stores, 11:00am
The Crown Prince Couple opens the new "pop-up" stores in the Shinsegae Department, which is South Korea's largest department store. Here, 20 Danish companies show and sell their products exclusively in one week.

Royal Copenhagen, 11:35am
The Crown Prince Couple visits the Royal Copenhagen exhibition at Shinsegae department store and greets a Danish porcelain painter.

Shinsegae Department - opening "pop-up" food stalls, 11:35am
The Crown Prince Couple opens the new Danish "pop-up" food stalls in the Shinsegae department store.

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