Monday, May 14, 2012

Susanne Heering Retires & Closes Dance School: Daisy Takes Centre Stage

"Look at all the lovely peasants! You're welcome!"

Daisy's bestie Susanne, mother of Derf's friend Peter, himself married to the redhead Caroline, Yrma's private secretary, took the stage for the last time at her ballet school. She's over 70 now and it's time to move on. Daisy has been her costume designer for years and has enjoyed taking the stage with Mrs. Heering at the end of each premiere performance. Now what will Daisy do for crafty fun and accolades? Maybe concentrate on The Yrma Chronicles, Final Chapter?

Looks like flathead Christian was invited to join his Farmor Daisy and sit near Caroline Heering, too, who was no doubt thrust into service as the child's caretaker. Not a job for granny! But Izzy was there, too, and got some extra nice cuddles and maternal love and attention from Caroline. Mary would never let Izzy sit in her lap at a photo opportunity, er, evening out. Our girl almost doesn't know what to do with the attention! She sinks into Caroline in one shot, then sits up boltright and turns to make sure this is ok with Caroline. Poor dear. Soak it up, Izzy! There are people who love you. Relax and enjoy, sweet girl!

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Mrs. H's Last Dance with the Queen
It was a moving farewell to Theatre Næstved and numerous ballet dancers, as dance teacher Susanne Heering and Mrs. H's Dance Department gave her very last show. Queen Margrethe was the set designer for 30th time and danced one last dance with Mrs. H.

In total, there have been 31 performances in Roskilde, and Susanne Heering from start to finish has trained about 3000 ballet dancers.

Among other celebrated guests, her girlfriend Queen Margrethe danced in front of an enthusiastic audience, while the numerous ballet girls watched from the stage cheering.

Photos: Hans-Jørgen Johansen

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