Thursday, April 25, 2013

FAIL: Yrma in NYC: Presents Remodeled Finn Juhl Chamber to Bored UN Audience, Makes Sure She's Noticed By the Assembly and Mr. Bach

Shiny! Name the "beauty" procedure!
So, four and a half days in New Yawk and Madam's time in the shops and at the myriad day spas and local society surgeons have yielded strange results. MoreMore certainly has that shiny post-facial sheen that should have been subdued with blotting paper or powder. But her appearance in a very autumnal outfit at the United Nations' rededication of the original Finn Juhl-designed Trusteeship Council Chamber next to Minister of Development and African travel partner Christian Friis Bach certainly leaves something to be desired. This is the room that was under construction when Daisy came through on her NYC visit a couple of years ago.
Madam was also accompanied by her private secretary Tanja, and interestingly, Derf's private secretary Christian Schønau. Derf is currently at an IOC event in Peru moderating a panel discussion at a breakout session at the exact same time Madam is inaugurating new interior design. No High Level Task Force here just an interior design unveiling, and yet Derf's secretary is with her. Ah, she must have needed him to help her with her intricate knowledge of the internationally-recognised master of classic Danish design Finn Juhl. Every design student in the world knows this man and the contributions that he gave to Denmark's reputation as a design centre. Ah, but no, MoreMore spent more time on pore-cleaning and waiting in Upper East Side doctors' reception rooms than practicing for her big debut. Her interview in the video below shows her lack of real connection to anything this Fin Yool funny named person ever did besides the boilerplate remarks she was given. Pathetic answers to the interviewers questions, and pathetic Danish language skills. And super ugly mouth when speaking.
Remind me why two secretaries, nearly five days in town, and the Minister of Development were needed for a five minute speech in which she acted as a mannequin spokesmodel were important?

Video: DR

Photo Gallery: Berlingske (with good photos of the interior of the room so you can see the design)

Article: Denmark in Canada

Danish Design Recreated and Renewed at the UN Building in New York

Classic and modern Danish interior designs have been merged in the completed renovation of the Trusteeship Council Chamber in the United Nations building, giving the interior design in this iconic hall a fresh and original edge.
In 1950, the Danish furniture architect Finn Juhl was given a special and career-changing assignment. As part of a gift from Denmark to the United Nations, he was commissioned to design the Trusteeship Council Chamber in the new UN building, which at the time was under construction in New York. When the chamber was inaugurated in 1952, it was clear that Finn Juhl had completed one of his most innovative projects ranking among the most iconic contributions to the Danish cultural heritage of interior design abroad.

Every little detail and curve in the chamber had been analysed and designed by Finn Juhl – from the curved ceiling that makes the hall appear larger, to the wall sconces and unique FJ51 delegates’ chairs made of walnut. The curtains in the chamber were designed and tailor-made by Paula Trock and Spindergaarden in the Danish town of Askov and the sculpture on the wall of a woman releasing a bird was created by the Danish sculptor Henrik Starcke.

After many years of wear and tear, UN commissioned in 2007 to do a complete renovation of the entire complex and the Trusteeship Council Chamber. Along with Realdania, the Danish Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs accepted a request to co-fund and collaborate with the UN on the renovation of this Danish gift. Aside from recreating Finn Juhl’s interior by renovating the sunken floor in front of the podium, maintaining the horseshoe formation of delegates’ chairs and tables and reintroducing the FJ51 delegates’ chairs in a modified version, the Danish Arts Foundation also invited Danish interior designers to enter a competition for the design of additional furniture for the chamber.

In 2011, Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard were appointed winners with their creation of new delegates’ chairs designed from two parts in 3D veneer and curved tables for the delegates and the Secretariat. These new additions to Finn Juhl’s original plan, will introduce a touch of modern interior design to a classic and timeless setting of Danish cultural heritage. The refabricated curtains in the renovation project are provided by the successor of Paula Trock, Hanne Vedel, who secured the rights to the original design and fabric of the curtains in 1970.

The recreated and renewed Trusteeship Council Chamber will be re-inaugurated today at the United Nations complex in New York. Among those in attendance, who will mark this new beginning of Danish interior design showcased at the UN are H. E. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, HRH the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach as well as the designers Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard.
For more information about the Danish design gift to the United Nations, please click here.

Photos: The Trusteeship Council Chamber (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark), Sipa


  1. Why is her face always shiny?

  2. I saw the interview with Yrma yesterday, her mouth looks so weird

  3. Just another pointless trip for yucky yrma to shop till drop and have more work done on her wrinkly weird face at the expense of unbelivably generous Danes. She is such an obnoxious old fart.

  4. Where is Fred? ??!!!!!!! This is his job! Where is he? drinking vodka? sailing? swimming nude? Yrma, an ordinary woman, is representing the oldest monarchy of the world, while her prince husband rest at palace, in peace.
    Joachim was the choice for this event. He knows about our architectural and furniture designers and speaks english better than -good-for-nothing- Fred.
    Queen Margrethe: Think in the future, Fred is lazy and hates responsibilities. You are the only want who can change the succession.

  5. Fred is regularly substituted by Mr. Bach.
    Mary seems to prefer him.

  6. Mr Bach and Mary surely must have something going on???????
    What a disgrace to Denmark Miss Mary Donkeyson is!!

    Too right Joachim should've been there instead of wonky face Mary

  7. THat's IT!?!?!?!?!!!! She went to NYC for nearly a week to inaugurate a friggin ROOM??????????

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, she is useless!!!! Why is she still around? Get rid of this crazy no good woman! Please!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What sad,little lives you guys must be leading. Or maybe you have serious mental problems. See a doctor or get a life. You don't know the people you're so incredibly rude about.

  9. Nice view of your cankles Mary.
    Stuffing her bunion feet and hammer toes made worse in those high heels. She has disgusting feet ... Don't think even a decent pedicure can even fix them!

  10. I think she looks lovely.