Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Schackenborg On The Town: Marie and Joachim Treat Charles Cavallier To a Tivoli Dinner and the Older Boys Meet Top Gear Presenters

Nice! Marie and Joachim act like a normal Danish couple taking a visiting rellie out on the town without being flashy, and a funny story comes out about Joachim making sure his older boys have a little fun with all the funny-macho antics of Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear crew on a visit last year to the Danish capital. Even if Jeremy et al were hoping to meet "the one who would become king". Suppose they've heard Derf is more of a sportif, party-hardy kinda bloke!

Marie's tummy is now the focus of attention as to whether or not there is a baby on board given that in one particular shot as the group was waiting for a taxi, she seems to both have her hand on her belly and her shirt seems to be in mid-gust. She and Joachim had gone out to Restaurant Påfuglen in Tivoli with her younger brother Charles Cavallier and their friends Michael and Benedicte Darsberg. Springtime, and the wagging tongues have our girl preggers. Don't think so, and honestly, she and Joachim seem smart enough to not have another baby. Marie is practical and she's got two young ones right now and a boy and a girl each. Both healthy. Jackpot. With two older boys in the family, and a consciousness that all of her children live to a large extent off the public purse and will have responsibilities that go along with that special privilege, I don't think they'd bring a 5th child into the mix. Daisy's head hasn't finished exploding with regard to the surprise of the Miracle Twins; don't think the old gal ever thought in a million years that she'd have EIGHT grandchildren. Marie and Joachim know that more welfare babies is not what is practical for them or for the country. Plus, it's hard not to speculate that Marie's French hospital stay last year was to get her plumbing clipped and tied and socked away.

Article: Her og Nu

Top Gear Presenters Disappointed with Prince Joachim

Jeremy Clarkson had expected to meet the Crown Prince

As Jeremy Clarkson and James May last year visited the Forum with their show Top Gear Live, got the royal visit backstage.

Unfortunately it was not Crown Prince Frederik, they would see. It was "only" Prince Joachim and his sons, Prince Felix, 10, and Prince Nicholas, 13.

And it was the BBC hosts who were "a bit disappointed", revealed Anders Breinholt in an interview with Euroman.

"Prince Joachim had come to greet us - Clarkson and May were a bit disappointed that it was not the prince who would be king, they would meet", says the night shift host.

Breinholt, who was the show's Danish master of ceremonies, was at that time on the road to collapsing from stress.

He didn't live up to first place with the two Englishmen's expectations.

"Thursday, we did try and do rehearsal, and afterwards I was told that Clarkson and May had thought that I was the worst local host they had worked with."

Despite a sore throat and fever Anders Breinholt got on without a doctor to complete the eight shows.

Photos: Top Gear Live, James Thisted


  1. This is a lucky escape for Derf the future king of Boganville. Jeremy Clarkson is a cocky bloke. He suffers no fools and fears nobody. He would see through derf at once for who he really is - a man who is not fit to be a king of any kingdom of any size. He should have learnt a trade to support his bogan wife and mini bogans instead.

  2. Oh boy the reference of Marie's plumbing clipped and put away .. lol ... TMI TMI! too much information can be too much of a good thing ...

    But I agree Marie has closed shop .. Lol ..kaput production. She's smart and practical and the public is tired of feeding more royal brats!!

    Nice her family visits her and they are French chic classy than the embarrassing parade of boganville red necks of Donkeysons from Hobart