Saturday, December 22, 2012

Princess Marie in Hospital in France: Fact, Fiction or a Smokescreen?

A one line "article" in this week's Se og Hør is reporting that Marie has been admitted to hospital overseas. The only other thing reported is that the magazine will follow through and bring forth photos when it has them.

This news - not released by the royal court - comes out at the same time that Billed Bladet is now reporting that Henrik and Daisy will be staying in Aarhus at their private residence Marselisborg, and not travelling to to Schackenborg as had previously been reported.

So what happened? No news on that front. Marie may have wanted to have a private procedure done, like a tummy tuck or have her tubes tied. Anything like that would implicitly mean that she and Joachim were done with children, a private decision, so going abroad would make sense. Or who knows, maybe she's got a big hairy mole on her back that she's finally getting rid of. She hardly needs aesthetic or cosmetic surgery of any kind.

Or maybe she wasn't actually admitted at all. Maybe a friend or family member of hers was, and she was just seen visiting, or staying over with them for a night.

The DRF is funny about these sorts of annoucements. One minute they'll tell you about Mary's gallstone surgery (October 2004) or Daisy's knee surgery, but then again, other things get a cold "no comment" from Lene. Mary's flown off to Thailand before with her girlfriend Malou Skeel - no reports about what that could have been. I'd be more suspicious about Madam heading off to Thailand with a girlfriend than Marie back in France with a night's stay at a clinic. Who knows? Maybe she just indulged too much with the eggnog?

Article: Se og Hør


  1. I think it's very telling that the court will confirm that she spent the night at the hospital, but won't say why. If she had plastic surgery, then of course the court is not going to confirm it. If she was having a regular medical procedure, then why not have it done in Denmark and why not just release the news to the public?

    1. The court is very strange about what they do and don't announce; doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern. But I would absolutely understand that if the procedure is delicate or potentially embarrassing or extremely private (lady bits, baby-making bits), she would want to be outside of Denmark where the risk of snitching and paparazzi is lower. And in France, she'd be able to communicate thoroughly with the physician; again, lower risk and higher comfort level for her personally.

  2. I think that the court does tend to comment on medical procedures. Of course, the court is not going to comment on Mary's luxury holidays. That is not the same. Mary and Fred probably went off on yet another luxury holiday before their trip to Asia a few weeks ago, but the court didn't announce it. I doubt the court will ever make an announcement about Mary's plastic surgery either.

  3. I have a feeling that someone (not naming names *cough* Mary *cough*) leaked this info to the media. I also kind of doubt that she had plastic surgery. I'm also leaning toward the lady bits theory.

    But I could be completely wrong. Maybe she decided to go for a gigantic pair of breast implants. What fun it would be to see Fred staring at her chest in all future family photos.

  4. No one saw Marie for a long time after the birth of Athena. It was reported that the whole family was sick, and when Marie appeared again, she looked exhausted and thin. Like the above photo. Is this hospitalization an extension of that period?

  5. Marie needs to get rid of her sun tan. She looks horrible and I don't understand why royaldish sugary how nice she looks.

  6. I think she must have her nose operation and breast uplifted. She looks very different now!.

  7. Marie was actually photographed at this plastic surgeon's clinic. The court had to confirm that she spent the night because of the pictures. So what was she doing there if she didn't get any plastic surgery? If Mary had been photographed at a fancy plastic surgery clinic and the court had to confirm that she spent the night, then I doubt that people would give her benefit of the doubt the way they do with Marie. (I definitely think Mary got her nose fixed.) It's possible that Mary let it be known what Marie was up to in order to deflect attention from her own plastic surgery.