Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Derf and Yrma Greet Danish 2012 Paralympians at Amalienborg Palace

"Well, this is awkward!"

Derf and Yrma were flown back to chilly Denmark pretty lickety split from their snooze-y design and business fair fest in China over the past three days. China was no back door to Australia for this pair. Mary's hair still looks ratty without her Kate Middleton extensions; I guess Søren hasn't been able to swing by to snip off her split ends. But no problem, in order to greet valiant paralympians from those wonderful games this past summer, Madam put on a clinging black dress and some clunky (but NEW!) Mary Jane pumps. Nothing says 'sexy funeral' like a sports reception in a dimly furnished room and dark clothing. At least Derf wore a patriotic red tie. These poor people, not only was the team not watched on the playing fields in London by Derfie or MoreMore but this seemed to have been a rather lacklustre reception to celebrate their successes. Such a shame. The Paralympics were a joy to watch this year! Congratulations to Team Denmark. Sorry your royals kind of half-arsed it for you.

Photo Gallery: BT

Article: BT

Mary and Frederik Met Paralympic Heroes

Monday afternoon the Crown Princely Couple held a mulled wine event at Amalienborg for the Danish participants at the Paralympics in London earlier this year.

It is the first time that the Crown Prince has invited participants at the games to some festivities in the royal apartments. With the group was Birger A. Andersen, who ordinarily is a journalist at BT, but spent his holiday working as a press officer at the Danish Disability Sports Federation and was involved in the Games in London.

"It was a very cozy and informal arrangement. It surprised me a little when you consider that it took place at Amalienborg", says Birger A. Andersen.

Denmark secured five medals at the Games in London, one of which was a gold medal. Team Denmark won the shot put.


Photos: Jens Nørgaard Larsen/Scanpix Danmark


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  2. Why does she always ruin the lines of a nice dress with a stupid belt??

    The bunching up of the fabric on the top of the bodice is a technique used to give a person more heft. That is the wrong choice for Mary who already has a linebacker's body.

  3. I remember not long ago some halfwit from Denmark compared that useless creature to Diana. What planet does he live on? Not in a million years, dimwit. Whenever Diana interacted with physically-disabled people, she always stooped down or half knelt in front of them or beside them so as to put people at ease. Harry's got her charm and done the same thing. Look at that arrogant old trout. She has no charm, no social/language skill, and most sadly no respect for the people who have been forced to fund her luxury lifestyle of a lifetime. She is just a piece of rancid meat.

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    aren't we the lucky ones my fellow Danes...?!