Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daisy Gives Martin Jørgensen a Diplomatic Passport; Loud Slurping Sounds Are Heard From the Boganson Goat Barn in the Shadow of the Chateau de Cayx

"Eh, whadya gonna do abboudit?"

From a practical point of view, there should be zero problem with this. The boys are minors, Nikolai is still in the running to be future king (the more we see of Derf and his boganettes, the more likely Schackenborg will be desired to reign), and if Alexandra isn't around, then Martin as guardian should need not be separated from the kids. Even Joachim saw the potential trouble as regards his princely sons from a security angle and lobbied for this. Neither Martin nor Alexandra argued for the special treatment; it's more about Nikolai and Felix, Royal Grandchildren. The article below makes a tempest in a teacup.

Now, if Martin doesn't abuse his new-found travelling status, let him keep it after Felix comes of age. The second he abuses it, it's gone. I don't think he will. He and Alexandra are smart. They may enjoy these perks - who wouldn't - but the bigger challenge will be taking something that makes practical sense, but feels so udansk, so un-Danish, so anti-Jantelov, and having the Jørgensens be very conscious of the few but strong privileges they enjoy being semi-related to the royal family and therefore, the highest diplomats in the nation. The public may not like it, but it can be reasonably discussed and perhaps accepted as the best solution in an imperfect situation, especially if the above mentioned controls are in place.

Save the outrage for the day when Professor Jock 'Half-Mast' Boganson, Susan Moody, the ugly sisters and the gargoyles are given diplomatic passports! Don't be surprised once Mary becomes queen, because the issue here is not really about one little Martin Jørgensen, this is about royal privilege vs. abuse. Pas på, Daisy!

Article: Her og Nu

Margarthe Bends: Martin Gets Royal Status

Martin Jørgensen had no title at the wedding of Countess Alexandra. But extraordinary has Queen Margrethe anyway dispensed and fitted him with a royal diplomatic passport. Journalist Jens Høvsgaard reveals something in his book It Costs A Kingdom that goes behind the royal family's money and privileges.

In practice passport, the 34-year-old jetsetter can ask for - as it says in French and English in the passport - that "all competent authorities allow" him to "pass unimpeded and, if necessary, provide assistance and protection as well as all facilities are possible within the rules ".
In other words, give him a royal treatment.

It's Martin Jørgensen according Her & Nu's sources who especially enjoyed Thailand, where he has traveled both alone and on family holidays with Countess Alexandra, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai.
Here he subsequently talked about how nicely the local authorities treat him with both police escorts and road closures.

According to Jens Høvsgaard it's Queen Margrethe who personally has granted an exemption from the provisions of Instruction for the EEAS, Citizens Instructive Services Chapter XI, D., dealing with the royal diplomats. Here it is otherwise explicitly stated that one must be a member of the royal family or a closely related member of the royal family to travel with the Royal diplomatic status. Countess Alexandra is no longer royal, but as an excellence have been allowed to keep her passport.

Sources tell Her & Nu that Martin Jørgensen got the pass, as he at one point had to travel alone with Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai. Because they travelled on their own royal diplomatic passport, Martin would also have an order excluding him from being able to follow them through the VIP entrances at airports. Supposedly Prince Joachim also pushed for Martin to be issued the passport, and Queen Margrethe ended up dispensing it so that he could get the document and now can travel as if he were royalty.

Photos: Lars Andreasen, Michael Stub


  1. Good for our Queen! He is a gentleman and Countess Alexandra deserves it. Nikolai and Felix are in good hands.

  2. It's the right thing to do and Joachim was right to push for it. Martin is the step parent to his boys.
    But this better not be giving shitty Mary any ideas that her family should be given the same privilege. It's so not the same and her trashy ugly family doesnt qualify for any diplomatic perks via Denmark's government.

  3. Ok, so obviously Martin is devoted to Alex and her boys and should have the same diplomatic status as them but I gotta ask, has he ever expressed a need for kids of his own?

    Cece, do you remember him giving an interview of that sort? It's sad he doesn't have any prospect of having any biological kids with Alex. Or is he just happy with the two princes as his step sons?

    Thanks Cece! You're doing a great job with this blog. If the Danish press is slacking off majorly, it's so good you're stepping in to fill the void.

    1. zj, I don't have recollection of any interview with Martin, much less with him making a statement about children. From what we can observe, even a cynical person can see that there is a lot of mutual affection between Martin and the boys, so that is good. He does have a biological daughter in whose life he has never played a role - a sticky issue for many. There is reference to this on Royal Dish; if you have a login, just use the Search feature to find it.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. No way that ugly bunch from bogan clan will ever be issued with diplomatic passport as they are not even Danish citizens.

  5. Whaaaaat? Martin has a daughter who basically doesn't exist to him? A dead beat dad huh? What a prick! My opinion of him has dipped way low now. If Mette's son Marius has his dad involved in his life, why can't Martin be the same to his daughter?
    Martin is a he taking lessons from Mary La Douche herself?