Friday, December 14, 2012

Bien Jouée!: Danish Students in France to See Patronage Pass From Daisy to Princess Marie

Oui, oui! Nous sommes tres français dans la famille!

On the heels of the news that Daisy and Henrik will be spending Christmas at Schackenborg with Marie and Joachim - and all four boys (according to Alexandra who was interviewed the other day at the Danish Girls Choir concert) - now this little gem about how Daisy is bequeathing one of her patronages to the diligent Marie as an early Christmas pressie. Marie will now take over one of the Frenchy patronages of Daisy's: the Danish Student House in Paris, for Danish students studying in France. How wonderful! The two ladies will have a great time this Christmas at Schackenborg chatting all about it - in French. Madam MoreMore is still the only member of the family who doesn't speak the language - besides her own children.

Schackenborg lovelies: 1. Bogan Slurppppppppppppppsons: 0

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Article: BT

Princess Marie Takes Over For the Queen

Quietly and calmly, Princess Marie has taken one protectorate for herself after another. Now she has got a brand new one again. This time it is not an association or organisation that has turned to the royal house and asked to have the princess as patron, then she said yes, as it happens usually.

This time Marie is giving her aging mother-in-law a helping hand.
The French-born princess has indeed agreed to take over protection of the Danish Students in Paris after Queen Margrethe. The Queen has been patron of this student housing since 1972. But after Marie's arrival in the royal family and with her French background it was just right that Joachim's wife takes over. At the Danish Student House in Paris, the message about the new patron was received with joy and sadness.

"It has been invaluable for the Danish Student House in Paris, that the royal family has for many years fueled great interest in the institution. We are grateful to Her Majesty the Queen's efforts and look forward to future cooperation with Her Royal Highness Princess Marie", says the Chairman of the Board, lawyer Mette Skov.

The Danish Student House, La Fondation Danoise, is a college with room for 49 students of Danish or other nationality. It was built in the 1920s in the international student city, Cité International Universitaire de Paris, which consists of 37 colleagues with space for about 5500 students from different countries. The house was designed by architect Kai Gotlob and is located in the south of Paris.

The monarchy has even had a member who has lived in the residence. That's none other than Prince Henrik.
It was revealed in January this year when the Prince Consort was honoured with the Berlingske Foundation Prize of 100,000 kroner - which he immediately handed over to the Danish Student with these words:

"During my studies, I lived there for three years.
By giving this amount, I hope to be able to ensure that Danish students get better conditions so that their stay will both benefit them personally and create a link between France and Denmark", said Prince Consort. An
d now it is his daughter-in-law who is the royal link to Danish students in Paris.


  1. Good for Marie. She is smart and will do it great. The Queen knows who is who in palace.

  2. Haha! Marge has no problem spending family holidays with Marie's sophisticated, well-mannered and cultured parents! She runs from the backwoods, drooling, greedy, uncouth Bogansons of Sandy Bay! The apple didn't fall far from the tree with Mary did it?!!!!?

  3. Marie should be Crown princess

  4. Mary Mary Poison BerryDecember 20, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    that's gotta hurt for Poison Berry that is Mary! Clearly Daisy is favouring Marie here for her smarts and intelligence. Perhaps if Mary had bothered to become multilingual as many Europeans are she'd probably be trusted with something like this. But after over a decade in Denmark she still sucks at speaking danish and has no other language skills other than her retarded English spoken in a pathetic faux posh British accent ... puke!