Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Schackenborg Team Quietly Continues Their Sincere, Upmarket Branding By Chatting with Bill Clinton and Visiting DanChurch Aid's Christmas Concert

4 December 2012, Gentofte

Princess Marie was the honoured guest at the Danish People's Church Aid's annual Christmas gathering. She was greeted at her arrival by the head of DanChurch Aid and preacher Erik Norman Svendsen who married her and Joachim and baptised their children. What a lovely aspect to this patronage: she gets to encounter the lovely man who has played such a major role in the milestones of Marie's life. Marie is just the kind of person who would appreciate and welcome such regular meetings. From the article below, it sounds like the lunch was a fun event, with a dose of Danish humour in an intimate dose, ensuring that Marie catches on. Being a kind and approachable person, her tablemates probably leaned in with any necessary interpretations of the peculiarities of the skit. Mary's would leave her hanging, too scared to be seen as having to explain something to an already confused but nervously laughing clown princess.

Princess Marie's profile: DanChurch Aid (with great photies from a less publicised 3 Sept. 2011 visit)

Article: DanChurch Aid

From My Heart Thank You On Tuesday, DanChurchAid invited major donors who support DCA to a Christmas event. The purpose was to say thank you for their loyal and exceptional support for DanChurchAid's work.

70 people attended the event, including representatives from business, foundations and large private donors. DanChurchAid's patron Princess Marie was also present. The event took place at Schæffergården in Gentofte, which has advantageously moved their premises for this good cause.

"We would like to thank you for your loyal support for DanChurchAid's work. Your support is invaluable in our fight to ensure the world's poorest live in dignity," said Secretary General of DanChurchAid, Henrik Stubkjær to participants when he began his presentation on DanChurchAid's work.

At the event a light meal and a glass of wine were served. Then Poul and Fritz from Ryttieret took over for a comedy routine: Are you just here to eat? Or will you give something? They asked rhetorically.

Subsequently, Stubkjær, whom they call "Stubs", was called out in jest.

"Sweet Stubs, I did not recognise you with your clothes on. We won't be naked when we meet on the boat," he joked to the amusement of the Assembly.

"It was a successful event, and the atmosphere was extremely positive. We were also very pleased that some of our faithful donors had the opportunity to greet Princess Marie, and they all had a good afternoon," says project manager in DanChurchAid, Valgerdur Hvidt Larsen.


Photos: Stella Pictures, Anne Prytz Schaldemose

13-14 November 2012, Copenhagen


Meanwhile, Prince Joachim was present last month at the CSR Foundation's 2012 awards. This is the Danish foundation that takes seriously business investments and practices that ensure corporate social responsibility. Well of course they didn't ask Derfie to come! R-r-r-responsa-what? The tall and elegant Joachim was present on stage with the award winners as well as backstage acting as VIP company to the former American president Bill Clinton, future First Gentleman of the US and founder of the highly respected Clinton Global Initiative. Rumour has it that on Hillary's last visit to Daisy earlier this year, she asked Daisy to place a restraining order on Freddles since currently philandering men can often prove to be an embarrassing disaster around reformed philandering men. No need for Derfie to elbow and wink at the former president and ask him if he would rather get 'sportif' with a blonde or brunette. Daisy rubber stamped the idea immediately and sent her only happily married son in his stead. Smart move considering the CSR Foundation's website encourages Denmark to be more "brag-alicious". Hard to brag when your future king is a drunk douchebag.

Photos: Virksomhedsforum for Socialt Ansvar


  1. Marie is so kind and looks sincere in her behavior. She dresses with dignity, without luxury, and seems to have real interest in her patronages. Prince Joachim has all the qualities to be the king we want for Denmark. First of all, he works all the year!
    Do you think Fred will work all the year if he is not used to? As we know, he only worked 40 days last year. King is a full time job.

  2. Marie and Joachim bring honour and prestige to the House of Margrethe.
    If Fred had any sense he'd step aside and let his capable and confident brother be CP! Fred is more suitable for a quiet seaside life playing on his sailboat. He can get plenty of that in Aussie land with a good pub nearby for his drinking bouts and then going home to frumpy housewife Mary.
    It can be done. Being a monarch is not for the weak-willed and tantrum-prone like Fred.
    With a wife whose sole purpose is to be an obnoxious camera whore, Mary and Fred aren't cut out for sovereign life of dignity and respectability. They're a joke and Denmark will only be a target of ridicules with these two morons at the helm. Only Queen M and her team of antique (old farts) courtiers could change the line of succession. Fred and his mental instability should disqualify him enough. Joachim takes over! Denmark wins!

  3. I am agree with you. Prince Joachim is a royal who looks and acts as one. His wife is warm and respectable, knows about art and likes Benedictus Spinoza. What else we want!

  4. Ohhh I want her scarf! Pretty!

    let's start a petition to change CP from Froodles and Marynothingiseverenough to Joachim and Marie!!

  5. Spanish EnthusiastDecember 6, 2012 at 4:15 PM

    They both, Marie and Joachim, look so happy and fulfilled inside! That really is a guarantee for stability. :) And a monarchy needs stability, isn't it?

  6. Wow look at Marie! Stunning! Just stunning! Eat your fart ..oh I meant heart out Mary!