Monday, December 3, 2012

The Anti-Yrma: La Belle Marie Honours AIDS Victims At a Touching Christmas Concert at Trinity Church in Copenhagen

No contrived eyebrow arching or prissy pursed lips!

Sunday, 2 December, an appropriately somberly dressed Princess Marie was the guest speaker at the AIDS Foundation's Christmas Concert at Trinity Church in Copenhagen. This is a wonderful event for the compassionate, empathetic Marie to participate in. The warmth of the princess comes through in such an intimate setting. No doubt Mary would have preferred to be bathed in soft candlelight and seen to be supporting a Diana-like cause, but the more serious princess prevailed and the event was better for it. It looks like it was a lovely evening and surely the guests came away with a very positive impression of their better imported princess. Team Schackenborg is gaining in the public's affections with every similar event.

Article: BT

On Sunday, Princess Marie was the keynote speaker, while Trinity Church was the setting, for the Christmas concert held to support AIDS.
And even if it is 4pm, the concert will be held within a year of royal participation.
The reason for that is Princess Marie is the patron of the AIDS Foundation.
"The AIDS Foundation writes an annual speech that will be given by various people around the country.
When Princess Marie reads the speech, she will be speaking to the AIDS Foundation, the speech is something she would very much wants to give", says opera singer Jens-Christian Wandt, who initiated the Christmas concert.
Today it is not nearly as taboo being hit by AIDS, which was the case just a few years ago.
But after science has found life-prolonging drugs for AIDS, patients today live much longer and have a better life.
Yet patients are still surrounded by prejudice.
That audience in Trinity Church will also get to hear Princess Marie give her speech.
"This year the talk will be focused on the disease and its problems.
For example, there is still a great fear being associated with AIDS", says Jens-Christian Wandt.
Since it is a Christmas concert for the benefit of AIDS and where all proceeds go to the AIDS Foundation, music in church will of course also be played .
In this context, two known Danes were asked to choose their favorite Christmas hymn that is sung in the church.
This year the dancer Silas Holst and TV presenter Tina Götzsche each chose Silent Night and En Rose så jeg skyde. But for Silas Holst the Christmas concert will probably be an experience.
It is happy for Jens-Christian Wandt to let Silas' boyfriend, John Nymark, sing Silent Night in church.
In addition, Holmen Men's Quartet from Holmen's Church will sing. Last time the song of a member of the royal family was played was on Flag Day in September, when the soldiers were being honoured. At the time, tears rolled down the cheeks of Crown Princess Mary which was moving. But it was the same for Jens-Christian Wandt, together with soprano Ditte Andersen Højgaard, who will sing at the Christmas concert, which begins at 4pm on Sunday.

Photos: Ole Bjørk, Billed-Bladet


  1. This is a much better way to reach those who feel marginalized than Mary's Looker Me BS tours to Africa or to high schools to talk about loneliness. There is still too much of a stigma surrounding AIDS. AIDS reaches nice, rich Danish people and poor Africans alike. Good on ya, Marie!

  2. Omg Catherine is pregnant!!
    How much do you want to bet that Mary Of Hobart would soon announce a pregnancy of her own?! just to steal her thunder? hahahaha .... As if she could ever!!

    ok that's not a funny Haha ..more like a laugh of horror and disgust!!

  3. say NO to Mary's FAKENESSDecember 3, 2012 at 7:52 PM

    This is a wonderful cause for Marie to get involved in. There's never too much AIDS awareness so it's very important to promote awareness and prevention and risks of this deadly disease.
    Thanks to Marie! She's a keeper....Bless her!!

    With Marie it's less about the her but more about cause being promoted. I get that vibe from Marie's low key approach. That wins more respect than Mary's fakeness always being about her and the latest designer label she's stepping out in ...barf!!