Friday, December 7, 2012

Derf and Yrma in Hong Kong, Day Two: Two People Generating a Whole Lot of Nothing

Woman to Derf: "I hear you like them this big." Derf: "That's about right. Send her to Room 901"
Man to Yrma: "No worries, Madam. There are many blokes who like a flat arse." Yrma: "Er?"
Pretty slim schedule for the Derfies today. Maybe they packed in plenty of time for Derf to get a special Asian rady massage and for Madam to shop or meet her Georg Jensen sweetheart for a sexy five minute rendez-vous (Derfie mercifully hasn't lasted more than two minutes in five years, so five minutes will be extra sexy time!). Guess what, though? No one will miss them.
Friday, 7 December 2012
INDEX: Award 2011 Exhibition
The Royal Couple is responsible for the opening of the exhibition INDEX: Award 2011 by the Danish NGO INDEX: Design to Improve Life. The exhibition shows the winners and finalists of the INDEX: Award, which has been exhibited all over the world. The Crown Prince gives a speech.

Food Event
The Crown Princely Couple participate in a food event at FINDS restaurant (Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish) with Danish food from Danish Crown and the Danish brewery Mikkeller.

B & O
The Crown Princely Couple visit Bang & Olufsen store at Pacific Place in Admiralty. The Crown Prince was presented to the Danish electronics company's product development and Bang & Olufsen partners.


Photos: Keld Navntoft, Scanpix


  1. LOL @ Mary's face at the record player, you can tell she's concentrating so hard to catch the man's Danish.. ..probably half of that crap they're touring she's so tuned out, just nodding dumbly because biiitch no comprendo da lingo!
    Ugh ugh that's another embarrassing thing about this woman. She doesn't have the motivation to better herself. Over 10 years in Denmark and she still can't speak Danish for shieeet when she's surrounded by other royals who speak at least 3-4 foreign languages. Even speaking in English she struggles, especially with that pathetic faux posh British accent. She's such a failure, nothing but a lightweight intellectually.
    The only thing Mary has perfected is the art of flashing the unlimited AMEX card. It's usually people who come from nothing who turn out to be the biggest money wasters, greedy spenders of all -the classic case of nouveau riche.

  2. Why are they posing on the street blocking up traffic? They're such wannabes!! I think Mary has visions of huge adoring crowds waiting to receive her... LOL! keep dreaming loser! Nobody gives a damn about dumb Mary and her alcoholic lazy husband!

    1. Blocking traffic in Hong Kong, blocking busy sidewalks in NYC, it's the only way these two clowns could get anyone to look their way (even if the lookers are only puzzled looking workers and tourists who are trying to see what's blocking their way.) But crop the photos the right way and the Danes are led to believe their Clown Couple has taken a country "med storm."

  3. Hong Kong people have little time for foreign royals, statesmen or celebrities. A few occasions they were wild with excitment about them are the Queen's visit, Diana's first visit and Bill Clinton's state visit. The danish couple are clearly not in the same league as stated above. I bet those drivers in the traffic queue cursed them for blocking the road. They definitely not admired the super royals for their good looks and style, which is a blatant lie from certain danish media.

    1. Those Hong Kong people have to rush through their day because they have a living to make! Nobody is giving them freebies and a rich lifestyle FOR FREE.
      And these freeloading clowns had to be in their way!!! What inflated egos these idiots have!
      They are that disconnected from reality -And the dumb and number show drones on..

    2. Dumb and dumber show drones on!!

  4. Mary works hard to put on a united front matter the cheating Fred puts her through she's too enamored with the tiaras and fancy frocks to let go. The woman really thinks she was born and entitled to be the clown princess ... lol ... She'll put with anything! sad woman....

  5. how do you know fred has been cheating????

    1. How do you know he hasn't????
      The rumors in DK are that he's been with women since marrying Mary and then there is the great publicized blond in the disco when the twins were christened. The boy ain't chaste ...

  6. And this is the future of our monarchy? They don´t live in this world. Their ego is bigger than their minds and harts