Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finnish State Visit, Day One: Looker Me! Three Changes of Clothes In One Day But MoreMore's Face Is Melting!

Christ on a cracker, she looks like a Madame Tussaud's wax dummy that was left in the sun for a few hours!
Click to enlarge at your own peril!

Poor First Lady of Finland Jenni Haukio. She's a poet, a political party's communications manager, holds a Masters degree, and had to spend an afternoon with Little Mary Boganson who looks like her narcissistic mother, carting her around town because she HAS TO and playing to the cameras who record every step. Mary's only five years older than Mrs. Haukio, but looks at least twenty years older! What glowing skin, Jenni! Forget the FOSS fat extraction units, Mares, and invest in a sauna.

What a way to start the state visit from Finland to Denmark. Is this true diplomacy? Mary had to go all Kate Middleton again, doning a - new! - military style coat like Kate has worn with a Philip Treacy hat. Marie seemed to spend most of her time at the arrival ceremony smiling and trying not to make eye contact with Madam. Marie sensibly wore a lovely, neutral coat that she's had in her wardrobe for a while. Daisy went all snow queen on us.

At the gala dinner, Mary continued her sour mood, seeming like a poor seating companion to the poor woman on her right, not talking or chatting much. There's one photie where she is laughing and giving Henrik the side eye while Henrik is neither looking at her or smiling himself. Note to Mary: if you don't clue people in on the joke, you're making fun of them and that isn't nice. At least Derfie was seated next to his sweetie Helle Thorning-Schmidt in a gorgeous blue dress and got to be the meat in a hot girl sandwich with sweet Mrs. Haukio on his right. Mary got to be the bread by wearing a pumpernickel rye as a hairpiece! With Marie curvy in va-va-va-voom purple seated at the Prime Minister's left side, no doubt Helle had wonderful table companions and Derf could take in both Marie's curves and Helle's smile in one glance. He'll sleep well tonight.

Video: Danish Royal Website






Derf's baby, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Prince Charles' favourite, Environmental Minister Ida Auken

Henrik's favourite (?), Fritz Shur, CEO of DONG Energy (you can't make this up)





"Helle, why didn't you wear something that lets me see your boobies?"
"Oh, Frede, because last time, you tugged at them this hard. It hurt! Just divorce it."


Photos: Torkild Adsersen, Scanpix; Daniel Hjorth, Polfoto; Keld Navntoft


  1. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est laide, Madame Yrma! C'est une sorcière, une salope, un monstre!

  2. Nobody cares about her in court because she doesn´t speak danish and forgot her humble beginnings. Frodo has to translate everything from danish to english and everybody notice that around. What about if one day some danish people offer condolences to her and she can´t understand and shows a big smile? That´s our Mary Billed Bladet!

  3. She really is treated like the family dumbass. She can't even be trusted to be seated next to anyone of importance.

  4. From what I can see Fred is the one who is now in the public arena while Mary is way in the background. She hasn't had any appointments for a few months. Its quite obvious. I wonder why?

  5. Who is the lady sitting next to yrma?
    I guess yrma didnt Like fred sitting next to Helle.

  6. That yrma was given that pathetic dinky tiara really shows how much marge "loves" her. Good choice. It suits her perfectly.

  7. Yrma ne pense qu'à elle et ne s'occupe pas des autres personnes ; elle devrait être un peu plus simple mais c'est une femme egoïste et fière