Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Per the Hornet's Birthday: Derf and Yrma Fail at Unity Front

Oopsies! Your husband doesn't really like you at all, Mary!

Derfie and MoreMore recently attended Per Thornit's 70th birthday party at the home of Fritz Schur, CEO of DONG Energy (yes, he's gay) and number one contestant for the Elephant Order of Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, only other non-royal recipient of the celebrated porcelain mammal. (Fritzy hosts loads of parties to which he invites Daisy, Henrik, and assorted other royals since he can afford a lovely, large home and lots of young men in white uniforms, so I'm sure he feels he is definitely in the running - why else hold a party for the disgraced Per the Hornet who was graciously sacked, er, "retired" after manhandling a reporter who dared ask Yrma about her association with Rigmor Zobel back in the cocaine days.)

Even though Mary completely ignored good old Fritzy at his party with Elton John a week prior (Fritz better hope for his Elephant during Daisy's reign; Yrma may not allow Derfie to be very generous), she was in good spirits noticing the cameras present at the entry to the home. Fritz is smart to keep Madam sated this way. Knowing her proclivity for pouting all night in a corner while others are having fun, this was quite pro-active. Wearing a skirt from a Rosenborg Tattoo event in 2008 that always looked like an elastic waist, swimwear coverup, and a sleeveless tie-top that evokes Maxima, MoreMore was almost completely oblivious to the fact that her husband's body language was anything but loving and interested. Carrying a bottle of booze that he never actually handed over to the birthday boy ("Fritz, get your goons to open this NOW"), he couldn't wait to hightail it toward the bar and away from Madam La Boganista. Tis a pity your pathetic life, Mary, but you've got to own it!

Photos: Splash News/Newscom

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