Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Schackenborg Update: Former and Current Residents Go About Their Business Not Trying to Be Stars in Oz

"The resemblance to my former sister-in-law is amazing! Only thing missing is lipstick!"

Princess Marie was present at the opening of a new Danish Church Aid charity resale shop in Tønder, adjacent to Schackenborg Slot. She is their patron. Maman looks tired. Lille Athena must be giving her fits and starts in addition to having a toddler. But what a strange and rare site! A Danish princess actually paying for something she sees and likes. With actual money and not a pout and put-upon sad face like her sister-in-law Yrma did when visiting the set of The Killing with the Duchess of Cornwall who received a Sophie Gråbøl jumper.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photo Gallery: BT

Prince Joachim and his best friend Oscar Davidsen Siesbye participated in a Classic Car Race in Aarhus.

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Prince Joachim's Lotus Cortina

Other race participants

On 23 June, Countess Alexandra, her husband Martin Jørgensen, and Princes Nikolai and Felix were part of the opening of an animal park in Randers.

Photo Gallery: Berlingske


  1. Oh Cece, I love it when you feature real people. What a contrast ...

  2. Cece just read an article about your blog in a magazine had to check it out for myself.Every one has a right to their opinions
    but seriously you make yourself sound like a very sad person
    who was rejected by Fred not that he's anything to write home about.Move on you can do better than him!!!!!!!!!!!!