Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiaras Galore: MoreMore Licks Her Chops, Ingrid's Bling Not Enough

Good thing this news was announced only after MoreMore Boganson was safely flying back into Danish air space, because the Greenlandic Treasury would have been ransacked! This gorgeous little nugget of Greenlandic gold, diamonds and rubies will surely star in Yrma's dreams of a dead Daisy and an incompetent King Derfie when she will terrify the land dressed in as many of the crown jewels as she can bear the weight of, in expensive outfits, sneering at all, while her Royal Hussards pillage the land to take all the gold and silver from the people to make even MORE and BETTER jewels and young Crown Prince Christian wears ermine and bits of diamonds embedded in his upper cheeks to make him seem both brilliant and slightly demonic (and to hide the Donaldson cheek dimples - dodgy gene dodging is a lifelong sport for this tribe). Even Cartier (who will hold her Royal Warrant as official supplier of watches - just like now but officially) will not be able to steal her thunder. Screw you, Dead Countess Ruth! Be on the lookout for gargoyles headed to school in wrinkled pinafores and Ingrid's rubies fashioned into thumb rings, nose studs and ankle bracelets.

Article: Berlingske

The queen became one jewel richer today: Greenland Home Rule Government has gifted the monarch with a diadem on the occasion of her 40th Jubilee. The gift was presented at a ceremony at Amalienborg at noon by the President of the Greenlandic Parliament, Josef Motzfeldt.

It was actually Premier Kleist, who should have been responsible for the ceremony. But he is preoccupied with European Commissioner visits. 

"Kleist regrets that he can not be present. He has been involved from the start and followed the process", writes self-directed. Melted coins and rubies in the Queen's new tiara weigh about a quarter pound and consist of melted gold coins and diamonds and rubies, all of Greenlandic origin.

Nicolai Appel is a goldsmith and the man behind this work worth 300,000 kroner. He likes materials that have a background. "Ordinary gold may seem a bit like particleboard. We do not know what the plate is put together with. The gold for this tiara has its own history", says Nicolai Appel to Berlingske. "It comes from the mine in Kirkespirdalen in South Greenland. There were embossed coins made from there in connection with the International Polar Year, which went from 1 March 2007 to 1 March 2009. The motif was a little polar bear", says Appel. 

"Some of the coins have since remained in the vaults. I had such a good dialogue with the National Bank. They thought it was a good idea to use some of them to the Queen's jewelery. When you now have gold from Greenland's mines, why not use it?", says Nicolai Appel.

The piece may also be divided into five pins. The motifs are impressions of Greenland flowers and other plants. It all comes in a box, designed by Ina Rosing in cooperation with the cabinetmaker Rasmus Fenhann. The gift is sponsored by the Greenland government and home rule, and five companies with respect to the Greenlandic economy.


Article: BT

Summary: A diamond and ruby kokoshnik-style tiara that was previously owned by Countess Ruth of Rosenborg, widow of Count Flemming (né Prince of Denmark), is on the auction block and will be sold this Thursday, 14 June at Bukowski's in Stockholm. The tiara was made in the 1930s by the Danish jeweller Dragsted for Princess Viggo. She left it to her husband's brother Prince Axel, the father of Count Flemming, and his wife, Princess Margaretha of Sweden. Flemming and Ruth had four children who almost never appear at court, and so have no need for such a nice piece of jewellery. The piece has been estimated to bring in between 1,150,000 and 1,300,000 million kroner.

Presentation photos: Christian Meyer/Kongehuset

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  1. Both of those tiaras would look lovely on Marie. It's too bad that Jokke didn't buy the diamond and ruby tiara for her. Maybe Marge will leave the Greenland tiara to Marie in her will. It doesn't look like it was made with bogans in mind.