Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Mary Riding Christening and Greenland Photo Shoot Highs With Record Level Prancing and Preening

A day for Yrma's Heart Disease charity and some nature stuff. But don't think for one second that this is about them. No, this is about MARY and don't you forget it. This is the disease that Mary herself will very likely develop. It is what took her mother and grandmother at relatively young ages. Dodgy genes that Mary's poisoned the royal bloodline with! Don't fret, today is a day to celebrate Mary's wonderfulness and skinniness and Kate Middleton ressemblance and new wig. Never mind that the woman in the video is awkward, self-conscious and completely unresponsive to the people and children around her. Put on those rosy glasses, Denmark, and meet your future queen!

Video: YouTube

First part of the day was spent at the beach to open a new walking path. Walking is for peasants who cannot afford personal trainers nor have acres and acres of royal forests to jog through with cameras following them around.

Later in the day, Mary went to the unveiling of a new stamp with her photo on it. A lovely photo - if only because it has been Photoshopped to the extreme - but one that places Mary's mug larger than even the letters reminding you this is all for heart disease. Because it isn't. It is for Mary's ego. As a royal patron, she would have the opportunity to have them redesign the stamp to shrink her presence in deference to the organisation - or to not be present at all! Alas no, this is Mary's ego and it KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

Photos: Claus Fisker and Morten Pape


  1. Can her ego get any bigger.

  2. Tramp stamp. Scary Mary on a stamp... The headline possibilities are endless!