Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Love That Hurts: Yrma Bullies Kids Into Interacting With Her, Now Exports Anti-Bullying BS to Greenland

That's right, kid, don't make eye contact. Sociopaths take that as an invitation to engage. Look at how Mary tries to elongate the man hands. The Margot Fonteyn treatment never works on her!

So Mary attends her annual "Yay, kids love me (when I hand out medals that force smiles out of them while in my camera shot)!" anti-bullying festival in Fælledpark sponsored by the Mary Fund and Save the Children dragging her Aussie-oriented purple teddy bear buddy with her since the real patronage here is the Australian Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Denmark's for losers.

Madam's attempts at giving every child a medal for "participating" kinda is going to backfire in really crappy ways, since it does nothing to distinguish the children or reward truly special or beyond the norm achievements. Typical for Mary to think that if we were all just alike and had no special traits that we'll all be ok: this is the thinking of a mediocre mind who is afraid of being called out for her own lack of ability or charm. Leave it to Mary to want to put everyone into a small brown box with a manic smile and organisation straight out of the Politboro.

The next day, Mary leaves for a lightweight visit to Greenland for two days of shoving this anti-bullying crap down the throats of those poor children. Sorry, bullying is not high on the list of their concerns. Let's try love, security, social mobility instead. Alcoholism is a major problem, as is global warming (it's ruining their livlihoods off the land) and lack of activity centres and employment opportunities. Leave it to Mary to gloss over major problems and to create issues where there are none and not even bother to try to get Denmark's business and cultural elite to create more opportunities for employment and creative distraction. It's all about MoreMore and her prop camera to be photographed for Aussie media (plus maybe a little PR packet for Kate Middleton - looker me, bitch!).

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Copenhagen Photo Gallery: BT

Tuesday 5 June
Pilot Preschool, 10:00am. The Crown Princess visits a pilot kindergarten Saqqag and gets the children to demonstrate some of the Freedom from Bullying tools, including "child massage." The Crown Princess will then appear around the nursery and at school.
Dinner with Minister Palle Christiansen, 7:00pm. The Crown Princess participates in the dinner with Minister Palle Christiansen, a member of Naalaakersuisut at the Hotel Arctic.

Wednesday, 6 June 
Jørgen Brøndlund School, 9:00am. The Crown Princess visits the Jørgen Brøndlund School in Ilulissat and witnesses among other things, a "child sitting" between educators and children. 
Children's Relay, 10:50am. The Crown Princess starts a children's relay at the college in Ilulissat and hands over the medals to the first children coming across the finish line. Musical entertainment by singer Anda Uldum.
Lunch with seminar Rector, 1:00pm. The Crown Princess participates in a lunch with the seminar Rector, Nuka Kleemann. 
Shelter in Ilulissat, 2:45pm. The Crown Princess visits a shelter in Ilussat and meet some of the crisis centre's residents. 
Dinner with Mayor Jess Svane, 6:30pm. The Crown Princess participates in the dinner with the mayor of Qaasuitsup Municipality, Jess Svane, at Hotel Arctic.

"I'm kinda awkward at this touch thing, but you love me, right? Smile for the cameras, jackwad or I'll squeeze harder!"

"Move along kid, you're blocking the camera!"

"Kids LOVE me!"

Nice sports bra, Mary. Really, two different white polo necks within 24 hours?

I am so whistful and poetic. Prince Charles would appreciate me now. Why aren't I at the Jubilee of the real queen instead of on this %&$ ice flow?

Are you getting this? My camera is really expensive and I just love to be artistic. Did I mention that this camera cost A LOT of money?


  1. I have this ghastly feeling that we'll start to see shows of Mange's photography efforts the way we have to endure shows of Morgue's artistic efforts. Neither one is talented (although Morgue is marginally more so than Mange, actually) ... but apparently, when you are the possessor or a title, that doesn't mean anything. Let the show(s) go on.

    1. Oh, absolutely, Diog. Big exhibits in museums across the country, and in Australia, too of course. MoreMore's been taking notes from Daisy on self-promotion. I like Daisy's work more, it's genuine, if self-deluded passion that inspires it, not a shot at fame and recognition.

  2. interesting you say mary is a sociopath - i believe it - because mary reminds me of republicans here in the usa - they espouse the very thing that they rail against - mary bullies therefore she is on the antibullying bandwagon - she pretends to be shy in front of the camera because she's a narcissist - overall i don't get a nice impression of mary at all - manipulative and calculating but not intelligent if you know what i mean