Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BLONDES!: Derfie in an Aussie Beach Bong Dream: The Boganborgs Holiday in Tisvildeleje Not Alone - Again!

Yrma: "I'm telling you bitches, Bondi is much better for bonfires. Denmark just doesn't have it."
Derf: "Mmmmm, blooooooondes!"

Yrma and Derfie and all four children spent Midsommer and beyond up on the north Zealand coast in Tisvildeleje where Caroline and Peter Heering have a summer home, and where Rigmor Zobel's sister Sarah and her husband Alexander Kølpin own a hotel. (The Kølpins also have a son named Vincent, so nothing is original in this group.) Here is the Billed Bladet from the 2010 holiday at Caroline and Peter Heering's summer home and the consecutive issue showing photos of the guests at Caroline's 38th birthday party. Caroline must be having another big party for her 40th this year. In these photos you can see Yrma's "friends" looking after her brood while the Derfman cruises blonde chicks in his stoner hoodie as if he were a uni scholarship student at a school bonfire at the beach. You can see Julie Mølsgaard and Birgitte Handwerk in these photies, too. And Xian out of school before the school year ends! Nice. Just keep slapping on the privilege and creating a monster out of your oldest son, Mares. The twins look much bigger, and more balanced in their looks; Princent's hair is out of control which does him no favours, and Josie's longer hair helps soften her appearance. Poor Izzy seems relegated to Daddy Derf's bike seat - she's not the heir, nor a twin prop - and rather sad at the bonfire. More snuggles, Auntie Julie!


  1. It's amazing, she always looks smug.

  2. I'd also look smug if I were a bogan who managed to bag a prince and live off the taxes of those who make an honest living.