Monday, June 18, 2012

Chinese State Visit Day 2: Let's Half Arse It and See If They Notice

Fatty skin dripping over a tight, structured, bone-in corset (in addition to the bone-in presque-zizi), on a tight-arse person in a cheap hairdo with bump-its from the mall and a billion bobby pins. Did the Chinese declare war on Denmark in response? Lucky for the Danes, they didn't, but Madam isn't helping. Adding to the tutti-frutti colour palette are aquamarine earrings. Nobody let Yrma La Douche take up interior design as a hobby after the divorce. This is a disaster. At least the glue holding up the pearls on the cheap wedding tiara lost its sticky and all the pearls fell off. Luckily, Princess Marie was present in a soothing, recylced grey-green dress that looks like a divine Jesper Høvring creation. Considering that when in Copenhagen, Marie basically lives in part of an Amalienborg garrett while Madam has an entire psychodelic palace to herself, Yrma shouldn't be the one who looks like a cheap & easy Fountain Lakes prom date.
Photo Gallery: BT

Gala Dinner Menu

Steamed pike perch fillet
Rice with Rømø prawns, sauce Pistou

Chicken fricassé

Slowly roasted Pork with ginger
Peas parisienne, potatoes archiduchesse

Danish cheese tart

Fragilité with fresh Danish strawberries


  1. Delicious description Cece! Some serious Sumo symptoms manifestering on Yrmas biceps, four meal tickets later and the bizarre Pict / Bogan features are seeping through the clogged layers of Prada / Boss. The future looks rotund for her!

  2. Hope Fred increases his meds, he does not look well.