Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hologram Helle Gets Huffy and Selective: Baroness Reedtz-Thott From Same Bogan Pea Pod as Yrma

Cheers to me!

The sense of entitlement and lack of respect for others is contagious in Denmark's upper echelon! What the hell happens when nasty b*tches with chips on their shoulders and an entitlement jones marry into money and power? They turn into the very opposite of noblesse oblige: cashed up bogans with too much money and power for many people to stop them. Née Zøfting, Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott, like Yrma, is a very middle class commoner now married to a powerful man: a very wealthy landowner and friend to the royal house. Helle and Mary have been seen drinking raw smoothies together and going on expensive shopping sprees, despite the fact that Helle brews her own English Stout for sale. Nothing like two idiots with no brain between them yelling at bodyguards to carry bags and to reinforce their own self-delusional fabulousness. Helle's big head got her in trouble with the local municipality near her home, Gavnø Slot, but perhaps cooler heads are prevailing and sister may come around to some promises made - oh, but only if you do a good job of it! What a load of crap. Mary is certainly an advisor here!

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

The Baroness's Comeback

First she wanted to.

So then she wouldn't.

And now she wants to again.

Gavnø Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott will be the first to make an online purchase at Næstved City Association's new Web portal, which launched Tuesday, 19 June at the Hotel Kirstine. City Manager Anne Steen announced this in Wednesday's edition of Sjælland, but the city union had dropped the plans after the Baroness had failed to respond to an email. The City Manager saw it as a sign that the Baroness would not follow through with contributing to the publicity stunt for the city association, which she had previously agreed to do. 

"However, Helle rang me this morning. She would still like to support the site shopinæ when she thinks it's a really good project", writes Anne Steen in an email to city association members.

Article on Christmas at Gavnø with link to Photo Gallery: Bo Bedre

Mary and Helle, two peas in a pod:

Helle Zøfting and Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott married in summer 2002

Yrma wearing far too much makeup and a cheap coral dress at this wedding

See? Told ya. But look at the resemblence to her newspaper portrait!
When Mary reeled in the Big Fish, Helle was there, pregnant with her first child Ludwig

With Anja at a concert. Charlie's Angels? or Devils!?

Shopping in London with Caroline Fleming

Ready to party at Derf's 40th birthday party!

Mary is godmother to Helle's second child Holger

Helle named a Gavnø tulip after Mary. Mary turned around and gave new mother Princess Marie the exact same bouquet, in the exact same paper, two days later.

Apparantly, if you are dating the lord of the manor, being a tulip keeper is a job requirement. Here is Baron Otto with former girlfriend Jona Bjørn Andersen.

Helle was very happy to be interviewed after the birth of the Miracle Twins. She is typically among the first to visit Mary in hospital. She wants a godmummy position badly! Will she get it this time?

Of course, she will! Phew! Scored the big kahuna with little Princent even if she had to suffer the indignity of standing next to John Stuart Donaldson.

The Reedtz-Thotts at home
Helle appeared in a photo spread for Bo Bedre magazine about Christmas at Gavnø Slot

Looking rough, but spending the money!


  1. Wasn't there some law suit involving the home brew? Whatever happened in that? Anyone know?


    There was a dispute in who could name their brewery "Castle Brewery" after the Gavnø estate and Phoenix Brewers parted ways. Helle was ousted from Phoenix's board just prior to the suit. Sounds like she ticked someone off.

    1. Thanks, Cec. She sounds like a real wi(e)nner ...