Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MoreMore Goes to Footie Game for Photo Shoot with Aussies, Dumps Xian on Bodyguards to Go To Private Elton John Party

That final pregnancy took a toll on Madam's pelvic region. Pretty strong hips and wide stance. The iron thighs don't help matters!

Yrma takes the only one of her meal tickets that she cares about (the one who is more of a chip off the ol' Donaldson block and will be Denmark's last king) to the football game between Denmark and ... wait for it - Australia! Of course, Yrma was teaching the little "kingaroo" all about the love he needs to acquire for his real, antipodal homeland and cheering the green and the gold. Denmark's for losers.

So, she put on a half-mussed Kate wig (for extra sexy points, hello, it's the Aussies who get the goods, baby) and an oddly matronly outfit to drag a scrubbed up Xian to meet his people. Snacked on some fried potato crisps like we just knew she craves (like back in the bogan, sport-eating, good 'ol gal, pre-starvation days when attracting men meant showing appetite-related gusto), sat pretending to care for a while, got a photie with the sprog and some Aussie jerseys, and then bolted home, leaving the kid in the care of, not a nanny, but a bodyguard. So stupid, Mary. Your desire to see Dame Elton at Dong Energy CEO (ie, bajillionaire) and Friend of Daisy Fritz Schur's 60th birthday party and slip him a note to slip to the queen the next night at her Jubilee concert in London transcends common sense. Bodyguards can't be bodyguards when they are looking out for the needs of a little boy. Body guards are supposed to be on the lookout for external threats, not watching their subject to tell him not to eat his boogers or fetching soda drinks for him (or holding your shopping bags, by the way). Major fail, Yrma!

Meanwhile, Mary squeezed into an 8 year old Prada dress for ol Fritz's party, showing up with Henrik and Daisy, completely ignoring birthday boy Schur. Note that Henrik escorts his wife out to the car for her to leave, then returns to the party. Later, Mr. Schur escorts Henrik out to another car to go home. No sign of MoreMore. Other guests included royal coiffeur Søren Hedegaard, Joachim's friends Agnete and Christian Scherfig, former Katja-employer Jesper Bruun-Rasmussen, and former Freddles Chief of Staff Per the Hornet. Quite a blue-haired crowd for La Elton. Mary fit in perfectly!

Game Photo Gallery: Starlounge DK

Party Photo Gallery: Starlounge DK

Yrma probably never lost her taste for salty snacks

Cameras! I see them!

OK, Mary, sexy open-mouth pout, but, er, more Brigitte Bardot and less mouth-breather

Oi oi oi! The only country that matters to this family!

Watch Madam arrive at the party, completely ignoring her host and birthday boy, a very rich man who is no doubt vying for Mærsk's Elephant now that he's partying up in heaven with Queen Ingrid. Shades of MoreMore ignoring Ingolf and Sussie at lille prins Henrik's baptism. Joisus! Yrma, c'mon! This is your new sugar daddy. Show some love for pete's sake. You can't give it to your children or husband, after all.

Photos: Thomas Graversen/Getty Photos/Royal Press Photos


  1. Where was Fred for these events?

  2. Good question. Hunting for blondes? Passed out in the corner? Planning his escape from this narcissistic hell? Lots of possibilities, that's for sure!

  3. I was appalled by Mange's behavior toward the birthday boy. Her manners are beyond atrocious and her thoughtlessness is beyond belief. Of course it's her narcissism in full flame, but that doesn't make it any more acceptable. In fact, it makes it even more contemptible and unexcusable.