Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day of School for Schackenborg Boys: Joachim's Family - AGAIN - Models Proper Royal Behaviour

As seen earlier, Xian was taken out of school early to enjoy several days of Midsommer holidays with his family on the northern Zealand coast. Not only was Xian denied the anticipation and celebration of the last day of school - a moment to relax and bond with schoolmates & teachers and also mark as an important occasion of personal success - but also by being ripped away from a steady, focused environment with his peers, he is sent the message that not only is school really not that important, but that his needs come first.

Midsommer is annually celebrated on June 23 in Denmark, and it's a big occasion for all, consisting of barbeques, friends gathering and the burning of a witch made from old clothes and twigs and the like, over a bonfire. Midsommer was Saturday this year. There should not have been a problem for the Boganborgs to head up to Tisvildeleje for the weekend, then return early enough on Sunday afternoon to help Xian prepare for his final week of school. Nah. Yrma needed "happy united family on holiday with rich friends" photies for the tabloids where she could wear her Kate Middleton wellies and tight jeans pushing the Miracle Twins as if she were really a hands on mum. Don't expect great achievements out of the main line, but fortunately, the Schackenborg tribe still seems prime to be the shining stars in this strange family.

Article: BT

In a few hours, Princes Nikolai and Felix will say goodbye to Krebs School, and hello to seven weeks of summer vacation. The two young royals were caught in front of their school in the morning, just before the last day of school. The boys can look forward to receiving their report cards, celebrating the holidays with the rest of the school at the annual summer festival, and then to having no school until August. They were dropped off by Countess Alexandra's husband, Martin Jørgensen, who also was at the party at the school. The royal family often spends a few weeks or more in Cayx, so hopefully there will also be time for a visit at some point. The young princes were taciturn, and uttered only that they looked forward to vacation before they disappeared into the school for the last time this school year. After the summer holidays, Prince Nikolai will start in 8th Class and Prince Felix in the 4th.


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