Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yrma Disrupts Glostrup Hospital Neurology Centre, Sets Back Patient Recovery By Months

"Mentally ill peasants are gross!"

Speaking of brain damaged, someone needs to rewire Madam's brain, or the clump of pasta in that bogan's head that passes for one. Robotic, self-conscious people are not who you send to neurology hospitals with severely injured patients in sensitive states of recovery. And what's with the entourage? Yrma and Tanja are followed in the Audi (Crown 8) by an SUV full of PET officers. When has that ever happened before? Since when is there danger of bodily threat to Yrma? One of the nicer things about Danish royals is that they can typically move about quite freely and without pomp and circumstance. Now Mary seems to think she's owed the same treatment as her newspaper-portrait buddy Barack Obama? Or did she need extra security because is she smuggling out some vials of early-onset Alzheimer's and Parkinson's chromosomes to put on Fred's cereal in the morning or to lace Daisy's cigarettes with?

Amateur Video: YouTube

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

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