Monday, January 7, 2013

Sportif!: Freddles Hangs Out With Helle "All Woman" Thorning-Schmidt: Sports and Unplasticised Women: Derf's a New Man!

What a happily married couple they look like to the unsuspecting!

Put the Derf Man in the same room as sporting stars and the female Prime Minister with Madam La Comtesse de Botulism very far away and you get the recipe for a happy man, nearly fully alive and present. What a difference a Mary makes! Who needs a happy pill when you can just throw a new jar of face cream past Madam to make her scramble towards it while you run off to a waiting car to speed you away? Good one, Frex.

Freddles was in Herning yesterday for some national sports awards at the big Boxen arena, in the presence of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister, and several other big-wigs. Just the kind of gig to get Freddie's heart pumping. He even pulled out a velvet suit to celebrate. (He and Joachim have inherited a bit of their father's dandiness.) We know what sort of power La Helle has over the Derf Man. They look like very close and even intimate friends. Nice for Fred to have a buddy who by law must defer to and look out for him, but it's reassuring also for anyone who cares about Frodo's mental health. He's nearly human at this event: chatting with the winners, being interviewed, moving about the room, on stage. If Mary were nearby, he'd be a drunken, sloppy mess!

Freddles was interviewed by BT after the event about his favourite sporting event(s) of the year and this is what he had to say: "Personally, I attended the men's badminton doubles at the Olympics in London, and it stands as the largest single sports event for me for 2012. Unfortunately, they didn't win, but it was an outstanding achievement, and the atmosphere was top notch. There were many other great performances at the Olympics and in 2012, but I wasn't able to be present at everything, so the badminton finals were for me the best experience."


Photos: Henning Bagger, Sport 2012, Gregors Tycho, POLFOTO


  1. The above photos show a big contrast to those fred is forced to join with yrma. He always feels more relaxed without her. Who can blame him to loathe her presence?

  2. Helle Makes Fred Happy He Breaks Into A Dance - Gangham Style! lolJanuary 8, 2013 at 12:58 AM

    lordy lordy lordy!!
    Just look at Helle with her "fcuk me" stilettos!! the way Fred and Hellacious lean into each other - her legs toward him!
    that's some hungry chemistry right there!! and she has the right colour hair too!! Blonde and dangerous! BOOM!
    get a room already you too!! lol

  3. Helle Makes Fred Happy He Breaks Into A Dance - Gangham Style! lolJanuary 8, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    Fred looks like a different man without the
    thorn-to-his-side wifey! How sad that it takes him getting away from her to look and feel happy! Away from Morey, he looks bloody human! Alive and engaging even!
    One solution to his Mary-inflicted misery is to let him do a lot of engagements ALONE! Without the monster wifey
    ..Do that and we get a Fred that's halfway decent!

  4. OMG Fred is smiling here! He really is miserable around his wife... how much longer can they continue the charade?

  5. What happened? lol! he looks almost human without that Bogan appendage!

  6. HE looks so happy.
    Get a divorce

  7. I love Fred when he looks so naturally happy and at ease. So lovely to see. He seems to be this way with his children too. I wonder why he cant be like that with his wife.

  8. Dear Fred,
    Please get a divorce from that narcissistic cow named Mary. You don't like her, and she doesn't like you. She likes your money, your sperm and the unchallenged celebrity that your social position affords her. Flush her down the toilet.
    Get a woman by your side who has light and life in her. A woman who will help you man up to your responsibilities. That will be the hard part and you will want to resist, but no good thing comes easily. Change requires violent upheaval. Start now to find a loving life partner who will help ease your pain as you finally mature and grow into the king you are required to be.
    Either that or man up and abdicate in favor of your brother and go buy a bar in Key West. I don't care, but you should make up your mind one way or another. You and Denmark deserve better.
    Then give Mary Sorgenfri Castle to move into and all the baubles she wants in exchange for cutting her out of your life. Tie her up contractually so that she can't become a Sarah Ferguson to your Andrew, an albatross around the neck. Keep the kids if you must (she doesn't like them much, but will keep them if it's bad publicity for you).
    Give us a hug. Thanks for listening. Good luck.

    1. Mary and her face stuffed with Fred's moolahJanuary 9, 2013 at 8:52 PM

      Right on!
      Unless Daisy pushes Mary out she won't ever leave on her own..She will put up with a loveless marriage and the humiliation of being cheated on for the cushy ritzy lifestyle...It's all about the moolah in the end. the woman has no shame! has no self-respect!

  9. Love your comment 'What a happily married couple'. But apart from that You Are absolutely right. They look happy. He never looks happy when he is with yrma.

  10. I love your blog!

  11. Quel plaisir de voir Fredo souriant sans sa sorcière à ses côtés

    Elle l'épuise, le fatigue cette femme n'est pas pour lui elle est trop arrogante et égoïste ; je ne vois qu'une solution le divorce et qu'elle retourne en Tasmanie...

    1. Sa sorciere! lol!! Yes, his witch, that's exactly what Mary is!