Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arts and Leisure: Prince Henrik and the Schackenborgs Work Hard and Play Hard in the New Year

Henrik with his Italian friend Prince Ferdinando Ferrara Pignatelli di Strongoli in Grib Forest

Who doesn't love this man? The Danes are convinced Henrik is a silly, useless poof, but I say, even if he is silly or a poof, he's hardly totally useless and has so much fun with his life. Good on ya, Henri!

On 9 January he accompanied a friend, Greenlandic artist Aka Høegh, to the opening of the exhibit 'Ved Havet' (By the Sea) at the Nordatlantens Brygge. The exhibit features art made from Greenlandic driftwood and gnarled juniper branches, among other things. Henrik is so loyal to his friends and supportive of the arts. Look at him in his Greenlandic bolo tie, button on his jacket ready to fly into the face of offending photographers, smile on his face.

Photos: Martin Høien, Billed-Bladet

Also on the 9th, Marie and Joachim were guests of director Thomas Vinterberg at the premiere of Jagten (The Hunt) at the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen. The film stars Mads Mikkelsen, who was not present. Guests included actor Thomas Bo Larsen, and Susse Wold who is partners with the AIDS Foundation, a group for which Marie is patron. There was a mini non-scandal last month when it was reported that "Susse was dropping Marie" and not being present at the AIDS Foundation event at Trinity Church that Marie attended. No scandal - Susse was just already on Christmas holiday. At the end of the premiere, Joachim was quoted as saying to Ekstra Bladet, "this was a really fantastic film. Both myself and Princess Marie were really impressed by the film. It was both profound and extremely frightening."

Film Premiere Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Marie and Susse Wold, both partners with AIDS Foundation

Susse Wold with stylist Dennis Knudsen

Marie and Joachim with director Thomas Vinterberg

With actress Alexandra Rapaport

Photos: Martin Sylvest STRAKS/Scanpix Denmark

On 10 January, Henrik - resplendent in a silk paisley scarf and red socks - and Prince Joachim participated in a royal hunt where they hob-knobbed with guests from both the Danish and European nobility, including Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Prince Ferdinand von Schwarzenberg, Duke Alexander von Oldenburg, General Lieutenant K.G.H. Hillingsø, Erik Østergaard (Dansk Transport og Logistik), Thomas Borg Dideriksen (Danske Bank), Count Christoffer Knuth, Count Ulrich-Holstein-Holsteinborg, Count Christian Lerche-Lerchenborg, Baron Christian Wedsell-Neergaard, and cousin Christian Castenskiold.

Hunt Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Photos: Karl Erik Frederiksen


  1. Put down the filet mignon Henrik dear...January 10, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    Dear gods of fertility!!
    Please give us Danes a sign when our Henrik is giving birth! From the size of his belly he looks like he's getting close...!

    (what the heck is he eating ? all the left overs and the whole kitchen?!)

  2. Put down the filet mignon Henrik dear...January 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    can you imagine Ferdles looking like his far in old age? lol
    I think that's one reason why he stays active in sports so he doesn't end up having a pregnancy later in life like his good ole papa! And with Fredinand being short he won't carry that belly well....
    OISH #palacepeopleproblems what worms they all are!

    P.S Mary ..don't worry yourself how Ferdles tummy will turn out later coz you won't be around then and it won't be your concern...You'll probably be back at the Salamanda market in Hobart running your own bingo palace ..Queen of your palace! Life is good!

  3. why would they ridicule Henrik's love of the art? I think it's great he's supportive of the arts and culture.
    Yeah he's a bit out there (aka a nutjob) but he's being himself and having fun in the process ..
    Rock on Henrik!!!!

    His son Fred could learn a thing or two from his father - Sometimes in life you just gotta roll with the punches instead of looking
    pissed-off half the time. And if you're unhappy with your situation do something about it and change it!!!

  4. New Year Resolution: must smile more!January 10, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    Look at the difference !! Marie and Joachim are all smiles and having a ball! Joachim looks like he's gotten a second lease in life with Marie by his side. It's a good match. Marie puts him first and takes care of him. She's good for his ego. (and trust me it doesn't take much to stroke a man's ego, fyi Mary!!) And for Jokke the feeling is mutual. He returns his affection. I'm happy for them and hope they continue to support, care and have love for each other.

    So Very different from the
    Clown Pissed Couple!
    Life is too short to live with a permanent frown!

    1. This is a joke. Marie is all fake. Trying to portrait as happy marriage life to cover up for her gay husband.

    2. ignore this brainless troll!!! Marie is genuine and fabulous!!! Their happiness is obvious and their warmth REAL! Yes they're PORTRAYING a happy marriage!

      PORTRAY not portrait!!
      are you as dumb as brainfart Mary??? lol

  5. Put down the filet mignon and pick up a salad!!!
    Haha poor henri!!

  6. Marie et Joachim s'entendent bien et Marie respecte le protocole ; elle ne se met jamais en avant comme l'autralienne qui se voit déjà Reine

    Je pense que Marie et Joachim font un très bon couple

    Je déteste la chasse et je ne comprends pas que cela existe encore !!!!

  7. eeeks !!!! they're going hunting again???!! bloody barbarians!!!!!!! get with the times Marge and Henry"!"!!! find another sport that's humane ...!!!
    who knows? maybe these royals are secret cannibals and since they can't eat each other without getting in trouble with the law, they take their frustrations out on hunting the poor animals ..WHAT BARBARICS !!!! all that's missing in their hunting group is a half-naked Conan Arnold schwarzenegger in a loincloth! !!

  8. Why is Henrik hunting with Erich von Stroheim?

  9. Marie has Queen Margrethe's support ...more so than mary ...Even Prince Henrik likes Marie better because he can actually have a conversation with her in French!!
    Now if Mary had bothered to learn one or two foreign languages she wouldn't make herself look stupid when European royals gather and she's left out only knowing English ..I can guaranteed you they're not always speaking in English when the royals assemble! .

    .it must suck to be sidelined like that, always an outsider looking in...sorry for you Denmark you're stuck with a lame, shallow consort to your equally spastic King Ferdles (if he makes it that far!)

  10. Joachim and Alex were divorced because Alex found him in bed with a male member of their staff. I have this on the best authority.