Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Kurs: Let The Peasants Be Dazzled With Elephants and Bling: Daisy's Got a Distraction Show to Put On: So What Your Wages Are Stagnant, I'm Wearing Diamonds and New Face Fillers!

"I may not be able to move my face, but I am so happy to see so many cameras here tonight!"

That's quite a corset giving Madam Yrma Donaldson a whittled waist for this first of the New Year's Kurs (levees! that's the word in English)! Last night was the levee to entertain the branches of government: ministers, the supreme court, the mayor and bishop of Copenhagen, etc. This is the only annual event for which the royals wear their chain of the Order of the Elephant.

Daisy wore a gown with silly, puffed sleeves in a wonderful shade of dark royal blue. A simple pearl necklace accentuated the neckline and her gray head suit was topped off with the new Greenlandic tiara she was given for her 40th Jubilee. Shame. Such a pretty little work of art, this golden diademe, but it doesn't flatter Daisy much. The gold isn't great against her light silver hair and the sides might be too high. How beautiful it might look on a Princess Beatrice of York, ginger type!

Mary was her usual shade of ridiculous. Swaning and cutesy-poo posing with head tilts, maxed-out smiles against the pull of Botox and flash-with-cash shininess from her tangerine orange Jesper Høvring dress and the clash of too many rubies. Escorted by what looks to be a Derf in the early stages of drunkeness, their discordant relationship not soothed by Derf's drink or the happiness and exhilaration of a new year and happy holidays just completed, Mary nonetheless was there to preen for her small, fat, cat-owning public back in Oz who will no doubt devour Mary's photographs in a manner in which Madam feels we should all become accustomed.

Princess Marie won the fashion stakes tonight - not hard to do with slightly surly, republican ministers and a flashy sister-in-law present. What? Yes. Here's why: the dress is in a flattering, festive colour, and a modest, season-appropriate cut, but it totally channeled Princess Benedikte. Whenever you can evoke the nation's most queenly - sorry, Dais - female royal with her dedication to soberly cut, festively coloured, but badly executed satin gala dresses, you are aligning yourself with her values, her elegance, and her reputation. Benedikte is an old school royal in her comportment and discreet lifestyle, which Marie seems to match, while adding to that impression one of fresh vitatilty. Interest in fashion trends is so middle class! The bad stitching that allowed for puckered seams and the weird, probably built-in bra, prove that this dress didn't cost a lot and was most likely locally made (money in a Danish design team's pockets). Good! She shouldn't show up in Valentino. The half-arsed chiffon ruffling at the train is a classic old lady "festive" "detail". No cleavage, no bingo wings, no exaggerated emphasis on the wearer's hot bod; hair up, jewellery modest and a genuine smile and no show-boating. Marie for the win.

Among the ministerial guests were the Prime Minister who knows how to get Frex's attention; Mary's Brazil travel partner Manu Sareen; Mary's African travel partner Christian Friis Bach; and the adorably pregnant Environmental Minister Ida Auken, who was summoned to Amalienborg nearly a year ago, not by "green prince" Frederik, but by the visiting Prince of Wales. Talk about a leadership fail on Derf's part! A visiting, British prince actually asking for an audience with a Danish environmental star to discuss green initiatives and energy issues.

Photo Gallery: Pure People

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Recycled Dresses for Queen's New Year's Levee

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S) and Interior Minister Margaret Vestager (R) did some wardrobe recycling, as they along with other government ministers went to the levee and new year's gala dinner at Amalienborg Tuesday night.

The Prime Minister's medium blue dress and the Interior Minister's patterned dress with fur were worn to the queen's Jubilee last year in January.

Inside the Christian VII's Palace welcomed Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik with pheasant soup followed by glazed cured ham, cheese in puff pastry and for dessert, rice pudding.

Beforehand, the festively dressed women and men were driven into the square in ministerial cars or taxis to take the stairs up to the palace, where they wished the queen and her family a Happy New Year.

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie put their elephants on right in front, as only this evening they wear the chain and not the blue ribbon.Among the guests were government ministers, except Foreign Minister Sovndal (SF), who is traveling and Transport Minister Henrik Dam Kristensen, who had to cancel due to illness.

Among the other guests were President of the Folketing Lykketoft (S), President of the Supreme Court Børge Dahl, Chief of Defence Peter Bartram, National Police Commissioner Hojbjerg and Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen (S).

In addition to the four-course menu, the royal couple offered their guests a traditional glass of Rosenborg wine. It came to Denmark in late 16th century and is probably the world's oldest wine.

The wine, which has been made up with "fyldevin", was served with the soup, which initiated the dinner.

Also, in the following days there will be congestion around the royal palaces in Copenhagen, when many of the country's most influential are invited to participate in these levees.

Among other people, the diplomatic corps, Supreme Court judges and a large number of military officers wish the royal family a Happy New Year.


Her Majesty the Queen
His Royal Highness the Prince Consort
His Royal Highness the Crown Prince
Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess
His Royal Highness Prince Joachim
Her Royal Highness Princess Marie

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Economy and Interior Minister Margaret Vestager
Commerce and Growth Minister Annette Vilhelmsen
Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon
Justice Minister Morten Bødskov
Minister for Research, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard
Taxation Minister Holger K. Nielsen
Culture Minister Marianne Jelved
Minister of City, Housing and Rural Affairs Carsten Hansen
Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen
Children and Education Minister Christine Antorini
Social and Integration Minister Karen Haekkerup
Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Mette Gjerskov
Climate, Energy and Buildings minister Martin Lidegaard
Trade and Investment Minister Pia Olsen Dyhr
Minister of Health and Prevention Astrid Krag
Defense Minister Nick Haekkerup
Environment Minister Ida Auken
Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen
Minister for Equality and Church and Minister for Nordic Cooperation Manu Sareen
Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach
Parliamentary Chairman, former Minister Lykketoft

H.E. Supreme Court President Børge Dahl
H.E. Defence Forces, General Peter Bartram
H.E. Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Bjørn Ingemann Bisserup
Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister Christian Kettel Thomsen
National Police Commissioner Jens Henrik Hojbjerg
Director of the State Administration of Capital Niels Preisler
Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen
Bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen Peter Henrik Skov-Jakobsen
Rector of the University, Professor, MD. Ralf Hemmingsen
Head of the Royal Guard, Commandant of Copenhagen, Colonel, Chamberlain, Lasse HarkjærChief of the Regiment, Colonel, Chamberlain Tommy M. Paulsen
Guard Commander, Captain Hans-Christian Neerup Rørvang

Lord Chamberlain, Chamberlain, Ambassador Ove Ullerup, Regent Couple's Court
Cabinet Secretary, law secretary, Chamberlain Henning Fode
Order treasurer, Chamberlain, former Chief of the Court Per Thornit
Lady-in-Waiting Annette de Scheel
Lady-in-Waiting Ane Vibeke Foss
Lady-in-Waiting Annelise Wern
Lady-in-Waiting, Chamberlain inside, Countess Jytte Krag-Juel-Wind-Frijs
Master of Ceremonies, Chamberlain, Colonel Kim Kristensen
Royal confessor, Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen
HRH the Prince Consort 's Secretary, Chamberlain, Colonel Mogens Christensen
Adjudant Chief of Staff, Colonel, Chamberlain Henning Larsen Brøchmann
Castle and Palace Manager, Chamberlain, Colonel Jens Greve
Castle Manager at Fredensborg Castle, Chamberlain, Colonel John Kidde-Hansen
Finance, Chamberlain Soren Weiskopf Kruse
Chief of the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, Commander Lars Rosendahl Christophersen
Orders Historian, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Knud J. V. Jespersen
Lord of the Royal Hunt Jens Bjerregaard Christensen
Head of Orders Capitlets secretary Bjarne Erbo Grønfeldt
Communications Lene Balleby
Adjutant Major Nils Nykjær
Adjutant Commander Ole B. Pedersen
Adjutant Major Ole H.B. Jensen
Adjutant Major Michael Rose
Adjutant Major Thomas Søborg Lassen
Adjutant,Commander Michael Løbnitz Baker

Chief of the Court, Chamberlain Christian Schønau, Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess's Court
Lady-in-Waiting Caroline E. Heering
Private Secretary, lady-in-waiting Tanja E. Kjærsgaard Doky
Private Secretary Morten Roland Hansen

Private Secretary, Chamberlain, Colonel Kurt Bache, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's Court
Lady-in-Waiting, private secretary Britt Siesbye

Private Secretary, Chamberlain, Major General Gustav Grüner, Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte's Court
Lady-in-Waiting Kristina Treschow

Menu & Music

Pheasant Consomme
Glazed cured ham with glazed onions
Carrot flan and fried potatoes
Cheese in puff pastry and rice pudding.

Rosenborg wine, Chateau de Cayx 1999 Cahors, Champagne Moët & Chandon, Cuvée special M & H.

The Royal Life Guards Band played

AO Stein "Queen Margrethe II's Parade March"
J. Strauss "Overture to 'The Zigeunerbaron'"
J. Strauss "Wein, Weib und Gesang Vals"
H.C. Lumbye "Amager Polka"
C. Nielsen "Kehraus"
P. Beyer "Prince Henrik Honour March"
L. Bernstein "The Wrong Note Rag"
H.C. Lumbye "Bacchus Gallop"

Being greeted by Chamberlain Ove Ullerup

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Mary's Mozambique travel partner Christian Friis Bach

Environmental Minister Ida Auken

Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix


  1. Mary is getting old very fast. Her neck, her face, around her eyes, all you see are wrinkles. Those are the results of her crazy life until she met Fredless. Nights with boys, weekends with boys, under the moon and the sun of Australian beaches. Well, this is the price. She looks like my mother in law (58 years old)

  2. Her cheeks are looking like squirrels with acorns in their mouths. She may want to take a break on the fillers.

  3. "the clash of too many rubies." Please, Cece, be careful with what you say! Bogan Mary may further ruin the beautiful ruby parure!

  4. Crown Princess Mary looked beautiful as usual! Her dress is simply gorgeous and elegant, although I have to admit, I am not a fan of orange and rubies together, although it might look nicer in reality than it does in photos.

    I would much rather see this beautiful gown teamed with Crown Princess Mary's wedding tiara worn as a necklace and a pair of diamond earrings. I believe the result would be breath taking!

    I also thought Crown Princess Mary's hair and make-up looked lovely too! Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with a few smile lines around the eyes! We would all be so lucky to age so gracefully.

    Poor Princess Marie, she doesn't possess Crown Princess Mary's natural beauty, however she is a very attractive women, yet in my opinion she did not look her best. Personally, I think she chose one of the worst dresses I have ever seen any Princess or Crown Princess wear. That gown was dreadful! Such a dreadful colour, and in my opinion it did not flatter the Princess at all! And such a dreadful design too - all those horrid frills at the back!

    I have never seen Princess Marie look so bad before, despite being such a pretty woman, even makeup wasn't flattering, the lip colour she was wearing didn't suit either.

    I suppose it is all a matter of personal taste, and Princess Marie obviously liked the dress. Normally I think the Princess dresses beautifully, but that pink dress has me dumbfounded!

    As for the Queen's ensemble, personally I am not a big fan of the gold tiara the Queen wore (I like gold, but that tiara, while the sentiment is nice, is just way too much gold!). I thought the colour of the Queen's gown was beautiful, but the design is a little dated.

    I also really wish the Queen would change her hairstyle. I would love to see Her Majesty wear her hair in a more flattering style, something a little bit more up to date perhaps...

    But then, what do I know! I am just a cat (and dog) loving Australian!

    1. What are you smoking that you think Mary looked good? Or is that Jane and Patty?

  5. @ AnonymousJanuary 2, 2013 5:24 PM

    Honey, I want what you are drinking or smoking....pronto, please:

    Mary looks like a 50-year old actress..."what ever happened to baby Jane" springs to mind. The orange chiffon combined with the shiny bath towel draped around her non-existing hips is horrid. The top looks like Tutankhamun's dyed left over linen wrappings, which hide the breasts that she does not have. HURRAY, the water/celery sticks diet is working. Her botoxed face makes facial expression very difficult. Lordy, lord, now she has to juice up until she looks like Queen Silvia of Sweden....m-m-m, she won't be able to stop.

    Marie's dress is fabulous aside the unfortunate chiffon ruffles. It's tailored well - heavy silk-satin will throw folds and also wrinkle - just the nature of the fabric. The raspberry colour of the dress compliments her complexion and makes her look beautiful. Also, it takes a self assured women to be able to wear minimal jewelry & make up and still feel gorgeous. Marie doesn't need to be blinged out. Win-Win here!

    Old Yeller, well, there's not much to say. At least she honoured the Greenlandic people wearing the very expensive gift they bestowed upon her.

    1. I think the Greenlandic people honored Old Yeller perfectly by creating a tiara that is nearly the same shade as her teeth.

  6. Crown Princess Mary is one of the stylist woman and some of the comments did not make sense about how terrible she looked. I find that she is a very beautiful woman with perfect makeup. As for her sister in law Marie, her pink dress looked horrible for someone who has a very small frame and there is some thing about her face that looked different.

    1. "Crown Princess Mary is one of the stylist woman"...well, that's what the danish media wants you to believe...I haven't seen her complimented in any major fashion magazine. So I guess she is not so stylish after all.

      Also, if she needs a whole armada of people to cloth her and make her look presentable, there is no natural beauty there, is it? In close ups her make up looks like that of an aging 60-year old. And I'm not even begin to talk about that she spends Danish taxpayer's money like there is no tomorrow. BARF

  7. Those crow feet around that old hag really enhance her bizzare character. She is as beautiful as a pig covered in its own sh*t or a bogan covered in her vomit.

  8. Yrma is not beautiful. She looks fake and not natural at All.
    Open your eyes!!!

  9. Spanish EnthusiastJanuary 3, 2013 at 3:40 PM

    The prize for elegance goes to the Danish Prime Minister! She looks regal here! Lovely dress that fits her perfectly and wore with the "humble self-confidence" (ah! oxymoron!) of somebody who knows well her worth so does not need external avowal what so ever.
    Just perfect!!

  10. Robe orange avec parure de rubis horrible ; sourire hollywoodien hypocrite quad cessera t elle de vouloir être Reine avant l'heure cette femme est d'une ambition démesurée et coûte énormément d'argent aux contribuables danois !

    Le diafème groenlandais ne va pas dans les cheveux blancs de Margrethe

    Marie est ravissante dans cette robe fuschia qui fait ressortir son teint et son sourire est fabileux ; elle est très sobre en bijoux

    1. Je suis complètement d'accord sur tout les points.

  11. God, that orange dress is so awful. That stupid shiny overskirt completely ruins it. It's one of her ugliest gowns.

  12. Yrma looks like a clown ón the first photo.
    What a fake smile...
    The prime minister is beautiful

  13. This number one clown in denmark is one big weird creature. In the first photo, she obviously has had something done on her face,and it looks like as if two ping pong balls were stuck into her cheeks to make them fuller. Only a full-on bogan like her would find it attractive.

  14. my neighbour's cat throws up puke that matches perfectly with Mary's orange gown!

    what a fashionista Madaaam is!! lol ..that is if Mary can believe her own delusion of grandeur!