Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bien Jouée: La Belle Marie Salutes the Danes Unafraid to Chart a Course into la Francophonie

Princess Marie was at the Belgian Ambassador's residence yesterday to hand out the annual literary prize - le Prix littéraire des Ambassadeurs - to a Danish writer who has translated works into French. How nice that this little organisation made up of the eleven francophone countries represented in Denmark - not just France - can have such a dignified patron as Marie. (Can you imagine Mary sharing Australia with other anglophone countries? Me neither.) Dressed professionally, soberly and in no way so as to identify the designer, the Paris-born princess put the focus on the winner and the other guests, and not on herself. She gets down to the level of the little flower girl (I wonder if she attends Prins Henriks Skole, the local French school?) No hair flicking, no posturing, no pushing the laureate aside during the group photo. It was almost as if she understood implicitly that there was a job to do, some representation to offer, royal behaviour to express. What a relief! Denmark should be proud of this young woman who has done her part to learn the complicated - especially for a native speaker of a romance language - aspects of Danish, while still able to celebrate the contributions of Danes to the French lexicon. In other words, this isn't an event where France or other francophone countries were front and centre, but rather this was another bridge being built between two cultures, putting the focus on disseminating Danish literature and writings into the libraries and learning centres of French-speaking countries, not the other way around. Brava!

Photo Gallery: Belga

With the daughter of Belgian Ambassador Jean-François Branders

Marie with winner Sissel-Jo Gazan

With the winner, and the Prize Committee

Photos: Hasse Ferrold


  1. Marie is very kind. As danish, I am very proud of her. Thanks Joachim!

  2. Dear Julie, thank you for your very kind comment. Most people here are so rude and snarky. I have amended the text to reflect your concern. Good catch.

  3. Marie est une vraie Princesse qui n'a pas besoin de grandes marques pour s'habiller, de bijoux monstrueux, pour accomplir ses missions

    Dommage que ce ne soit pas elle l'Héritière les Danois seraien contents !

  4. J'adore Marie. Je la trouve très sympathique, intelligente, sensible, gentille. C'est elle qui aurait être la princesse héritière..

  5. bullshiiieitting MaryJanuary 29, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    so true! Love Marie's understated style! it's not about what she's wearing but the patronage she's representing.

    I think Marie is doing well, delving into the arts and literary causes. She shows curiosity, Smarts and intelligence and a willingness to broaden her knowledge of the country she's paying allegiance to. That's the right thing to do, giving LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT TO DENMARK NOT like that half-ass job Mary is bullshitting us with ..
    Mary doesn't love Denmark ..she only loves the status, money, baubles and lifestyle Denmark is giving her. But at the end of the day, Mary bitch would rather be in Australia's sun and surf!! so go bitch!!! who is stopping you??? nobody !! it's Mary's greed and loss of the ritzy life that's stopping her from running out on Fred!!! blahhhh wish she'd just LEAVE and never again tarnish the royal family with her backwardness !!
    MARY = vile woman!!!