Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: Maxima To Become Queen: Mary Must Curtsey and Be Out-Blinged: She Plots Revenge: If Daisy Won't Abdicate, Yrma Will Resort to Other Measures

Soon to be Queen Maxima, eventual Queen Regnant Victoria, and a diminished bogan!
Poor Derfie. At least he's all the way over in Hong Kong sailing with Papa and far from the spectacle of Madam walking around their psychodelic palace with a knife and a killer look in her eyes, slinging spit every time she moves her head. Daisy's days are numbered if Madam gets her way. It was announced yesterday that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate the throne in favour of her son Willem-Alexander on 30 April of this year. This will make Maxima the Queen and their oldest daughter Catharina-Amalia the Princess of Orange and direct heir to the throne. That tall, happy, healthy weight, fun, sponteneous, financially astute, affectionate woman who wears her clothes not the other way around and is loved by her new countrymen and women without a palace PR campaign will now be a Majesty to which little Mary Donaldson, so high on her Royal Highness status, will have to curtsey. A lucky skank in her dinky tiara with hot glue gun pearls against a tall drink of water sparkling in her treasure trove of Orange jools. The article below won't make Yrma very happy about her immediate future. "NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!"

Article: BT

Daisy's Not Leaving Until She Croaks

The royal crown is very far into the future for Crown Prince Frederik. But that fits the Crown Prince - and Queen Margrethe is fine with him not having a view to the throne after tomorrow, says the country's leading royal historian.

"It's an almost unbreakable tradition that the Danish monarchs stay til they reach death's door. This is how it's been for the last 500 years, and so surely it will be so with Queen Margrethe", says historian and royal expert Sørensen to BT.

"It is something completely different with the Dutch Queen Beatrix, who has just proclaimed that she wil abdicate in favour of her son Willem Alexander.

"In the Netherlands it is a tradition that the monarch abdicates when they get older. Typically a while after they hit 70. This is how it was with Beatrix's mother and also her grandmother."

According Hovbakke, the Dutch royal family is almost the only one in Europe where it has been tradition that the monarch goes by before time and makes room for heir to the throne.

Beatrix announced Monday night that her son Willem Alexander become Holland's king when she abdicates in about three months, on 30 April. And kings and queens are getting older, because they live longer today.

"It is one of the most deeply entrenched traditions of the Danish royal family to be seated until you die. There must be something special, if it should change. For example, the queen becomes so ill that she can not do her job."

"Queen Margrethe is 72, and one can easily imagine that she will go on for another 20 years from now. And she has said several times that there should be no doubt that she will remain until she dies. As is the tradition."

How do you think it fits Crown Prince Frederik that he has no prospect of becoming king so far?

"It's hard to say, but I actually think that the role of the Crown Prince fits the succession excellently. It is a long process to find his roles, to define himself and find out how to do it. It also took some time for Margrethe, to find out how she was going to fulfill her role as queen."

"When Frederick was 18-20 years he had some concerns about looking forward to being king, but especially after he became a father, it seems as if he is really good as heir to the throne. And it's not my opinion that he is in a hurry to become king", says Sørensen.
"Check yourself before you wreck yourself, bogan."

"You might want to think very seriously about slipping some arsenic in your mother's tea. I WANT MAJOR BLING. Why should that crazy Argentinian get it all?"


"Oh, that one? Your wife thinggie? You need to check that abdication business at the door because I'm not curtseying to that arrogant woman."

"Ready to stay in Denmark all the damn time? Because I am ready to be Queen NOW."

"Can I get a silencer? Daisy's hard of hearing, but I still don't want to ruin the surprise."

"When we all walked into the room, we saw that she had Fred on his knees, begging for the treat she balanced on the end of his nose!"

"Make this princess sh*t go away NOW. I'm reaching for the top."

"You know she wants you six feet under, right?"

"I am not f*cking around, Fred. Do I need to drag up some old friends from the Sydney docks to do the job?"

"Hope you can make it to the coronation ceremony, Mary!"

Photos: Various, many thanks to the Order of Royal Splendor blog


  1. Can't wait to see Yrma attending the inauguration ceremonies- and giving Maxima the same evil eye she adressed to Victoria in her wedding day!
    Maxima had already access to LOTS of royal jewels as a mere Crown Princess while poor Yrma is reduced to her puny wedding tiara, the dismantled rubies and the laurel wreath one. Now wait until Maxima takes the Stuart tiara out of the vaults...you'll hear Yrma's screams all the way to Tasmania!

  2. ROTFLMAO!!!!!
    I can totally hear stupid Yrma saying all of that.
    The Stuart tiara will look AMAZING on Maxi. So will the Mellerio Sapphire tiara in its full form. I hope Max wears the Stuart for her big day.

  3. OMG I just realized. Mary wore the rubies to the pre wedding gala dinner for Guillaume. She had that space helmet-bride of Frankenstein hair and tight red dress. She's not supposed to take the rubies out of Denmark. I think it's ok to take them to Sweden since they came from there. WTF?!?!

  4. wow congrats Maxima!!!
    Maxima is ready and willing to work even harder for the Netherlands!!
    Mary on the other hand is ready for an afternoon snoooze ...lol ...she's such a bore and a dimwitted fool! what the hell is she gonna offer Denmark but her over the top spending and garish manners?

    go away already Masturbating Mary !!!

  5. amazing how much bling is available to Maxima ! she basically has free reign of the Dutch palace jewel vault to wear whatever her heart pleases ...

    poor Mary has to be content with two lousy tiaras .. Haha... but daisy is smart to keep the vulture that is Mary from looting the palace jewels ....god forbid when daisy goes what damage and thievery this greedy witch will do to Denmark's baubles ...
    it's up to Fred to get rid of the bitch before she becomes even more of a monster ...

  6. The first photo: yrma looks so silly. Not like a Royal at All.

    Maxima has style and is beautiful.

    So I am not critisising yrma because i am jalous But because there is a lot of reasons to critizise.

  7. spanish enthusiastJanuary 29, 2013 at 3:59 PM

    Ha-ha!! Brilliant post, Cece!! Wonderful!!
    I can't understand why all that noise about Mary?! She is so LITTLE AND INSIGNIFICANT...I can't understand where does she take the arrogance to want whatsoever!! She should be, in the first and ultimate place, more than grateful that her life won't end up at an anonymous and boring office in the Sydney's suburbs. She gets all for free in her life and the best thing, and the only one! to do for her is to be humble, grateful and HUMBLE!!! Her place is not where she is...

    1. hmm Mary da Sydney Slut???! lucky gal..Fred to the RESCUE!!! awwwwJanuary 29, 2013 at 7:00 PM

      you're so right SE!
      without Fred's status and wealth Mary would just be another hobart single mother on welfare raking in her government benefits!!
      IF weak, no balls Fred hadn't married gold digger Mary, she'd be divorced twice already by now with a gaggle of kids to raise ... or maybe the poor kids would be pushed off to aunt Jane while Mary runs off to Sydney to be a slut ! something id imagine she's quite good at..
      I would imagine Slutting it up is second nature to Mary. Women like Mary use their body and street walking tricks to gold dig their way to a rich life and it worked! damn she oughta be teaching a golddigging course at a university in Denmark. the lazy woman can then say she's rubbed shoulders with academics ...!
      Hooray to the intellectual LIGHTWEIGHT!!

      Mary could have done so much worse but instead drunk, semi conscious Fred lost all his sense and reasoning swooped in and gave her relevance and status.
      So give credit to hillbilly Mary for playing her hand well! She did good! More than good! Mary won the lottery of the lifetime by fooling Fred and Denmark!!
      Well played Mary bitch! well played!!!

      eeeeks ....

    2. Spanish enthusiastJanuary 30, 2013 at 5:25 PM

      Can somebody / something rescue Fred and / or Denmark, at this point???

  8. WHY do you all hate Mary so much??? Can someone PLEASE provide at least 5 concrete answers!

    1. WHY are you so blind?
      WHY are you so oblivious?

      go READ and find out yourself!!!!!

    2. No, they can't. Obviously ^.
      I've seen one post on this entire blog that makes a semi-articulate point and that was a while ago about the corporate restructures of the Danish brands endorsed by the royals - still a pretty long bow to draw. It was the closest thing to an intelligent argument I've ever seen on this blog but, even then, it was laced with bitchy bitterness and had no balance to it - not even an attempt to get a comment from the other side.
      Everything else on this site is moronic, bitchy, jealous school-girl stuff.
      I find it funny because it's so pathetic - especially when the blogger and the people who comment struggle so much with basic spelling and grammar as they are calling Mary a bogan and being critical of her education. I really don't think they know how stupid they look.

    3. mock and you shall be mocked!February 1, 2013 at 2:26 AM

      good to know you're obviously following your idol's sad demise on this blog. Don't stop reading dearie!
      Keep watching the horror show while Mary diarrheas herself all over the place as everything she touches turns to caca ....
      Get comfy and Do pass the popcorn!

      oh and by the way I wouldn't ridicule people's way of writing on here. A lot of us are multilingual speaking 3-4 languages in addition to English. Let's see you write and speak in French or German or Spanish or Dutch or even Danish! Willing to bet the majority of the people who comment here have far better English than what you could speak in a foreign language.

      How many other languages do you speak and write? I wouldn't be surprised if you're like brainfart Mary who can barely manage to speak passable English. Over a decade in Europe and she hasn't picked up any other foreign language other than her lame basic Danish. Compared that to Maxima who is fluent in four languages, Mary comes up way short and wanting.

    4. ``Mock and you shall be mocked!'' Bless your tiny little brain for thinking up that username and thank you for proving my point so well.
      Do you know the meaning of the English word ``irony''?
      Perhaps, while you're looking it up, you could also look up ``intelligence''? You might notice there is no mention of the ability to write badly in eleventy languages and throw school-girl insults while obsessing about some woman you hardly know and not having the guts to put your own name to it.
      You could find that description of yourself under the word ``pathetic''.

    5. what a little slimey worm! you accuse other people of not putting their names to their comments yet you remain anonymous??!

      shouldn't ya be too busy with yer hand in yo twat to bother us "unintelligent" people?

      run along now schoolgirl and play with your flubbery dolls...invite Mary to yer lonesome party..


    6. wahahahahaha

      Anony3:25 you mad? Bwhahahaha

      thanks for the laugh Mock! take it easy on twat beater there or she'll start crying ...

      tissue? LMAO

    7. Mock mock mock...mockin' gangnam style..February 4, 2013 at 10:07 AM

      ANONY3:25 is one of those dying breed jumping to Mary La Douche's defense! A dying breed much like the Tasmania devils.
      Bad omen for Mary with the Tassie devils dying out....
      think Fred meeting with palace lawyers to discuss a settlement for Madame Salamander Market...
      and the countdown begins..

    8. who is this @%&#**# ???
      Coming on here insulting our intelligence! b*tch please!
      either show respect or take your kangaroo azzz back to the hole you crawled out from...

      Mary hasn't earned our respect and you sure as hell don't deserve any either...

  9. Cece you did a great job by posting all this! I enjoyed it.
    Although I am not a great fan of Maxima (I am Dutch) she has definitely more style than mary.

    We will wait and see what will happen at the coronation ceremony............

    1. Thanks for your comments. As an outsider, all I can say about your future queen is that she truly raises the international and prestige profile of The Netherlands and seems to be a good wife and mother. In this way, Mary provides a brilliant foil for Maxima by being the polar opposite.

  10. Yrma will do a genuflection to Maxima after the coronation? I think she must, because Maxima will be queen and Yrma only princess. What do you think?

  11. Godspeed Maxima and Willem!!January 30, 2013 at 1:29 PM

    Maxima will do well in her new role because she sees the big picture. Her service is for the Dutch people comes first. It's not about promoting herself while thumping her nose at the mass. That's not a way to endear you to the people and Maxima is aware of that.
    Mary show-off could learn so much from Maxima - brains, fashion, style, appropriateness, good manners etc ..

    And the biggest plus of all for Maxima is that her man actually adores her!
    Willem-Alexander really does love and respect his wife and that kind of love and support goes a long way in a marriage that's especially lived out in public scrutiny. You need to be able count and lean on your spouse and these two got it right.

    Can't say the same for Fred and his money eating baby mama Mary.

    Godspeed Maxima and Willem!

  12. Mary cannot speak more than one language and that´s it! After eleven years danish still impossible for her, like french, spanish, dutch, german.....etc. Her husband doesn´t help because he always speaks in english to her. Mary no habla español porque es soberanamente tonta y cree que el inglés es el único idioma del mundo, pero nosotros le demostramos que no. Mary, princesse incompétent, c´est la vie!

  13. The Danes are proud that Crown Princess Mary speaks their language without an accent.

    Her tiaras are her personal property, where as in the Netherlands the jewels belong to a trust and are borrowed and can be worn by everyone.

    Crown Princess Mary is also Australian and proud of her heritage.

    I can only surmise this rediculous article is spawned and enjoyed by jealous princess wannabees

  14. I would hardly think Mary, Crown Princess would worry about a bunch of cyber trolls like you lot, as she travels from palace to palace, meeting the great and the good I am quite sure she would not give any of you a second thought, and neither would Maxima, future queen of the Netherlands. By marriage they are family you see. By disrespecting The Crown Princess of Denmark, you disrespect the people of Denmark who love and are proud of their Royal Family.

    I have to be honest I think you are all a bunch of jealous cows who need to get a happy life and be happy with yourselves.

    I am shocked to read these remarks. Shame on you all.

  15. Beautiful Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark I am sure is very happy for peer Princess Maxima, with fame come the little people..l

    ..and you horrid little people have shown nothing but disrespect for the wife of a loving husband who is the Crown Prince and future King of Denmark.

    Horrible blog. Can't believe what I have been reading. I am embarrassed for you.

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