Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yrma on Marie's Turf: Madam at University of Southern Denmark For Twins Registries Kickoff: Insults New Patronage Right Off the Bat!

"Hi, I'm here! Do I look skinny?"

Madam La Comtesse de Bad Ideas visited the University of Southern Denmark today - Marie's patronage - to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Danish Twins Registry, her new patronage. Guess the wiglets must still be air-drying at home since the hair got several inches shorter for this outing, but no more stylish with those awful, grown-out "wings". Blech. Makes you think of panty liners. The all gray outfit doesn't help, and really, how many of these ugly gray jackets does she own? This is a new one! Crikey! It was -16 degrees on Fyn today: where is her coat? She's not human!

Take a look at the video below. You can just tell that Mary immediately recognised that this twins registry thing was a bad idea. Not the Aussie one, of course. That one will ensure that she gets to the only place she considers home - Australia - more often than she does now (all those commercial advertising interests like Huggies and JetStar must be drying up and the Australian Red Cross doesn't even seem to want her after the 2005 Looker Me! Tour debacle with them agreeing to put Silly Amber Petty (SAP) on their board). All those circus freaks present, she seems to be thinking! So many identical twins, when hers were just desparation fraternal twins. Yehudi couldn't do any better on the paltry fee she paid him. Just look at her strain to care about talking to that pair of older twins, Charles and Frederik: fake smile, nodding, smile turns to strained lip purse, nodding, actually saying nothing. She's ridiculous! Then talking to the younger girls, then she tries to get a word in. Always competitive with other women. And when the reporter tries to interview her, not only is her Danish just horrible, but she won't commit to putting the Miracle Twins, Princent and Josie on the twins registry to help in their research. "Maybe!" is all she will muster. Bitch. I guess she's trying to keep Yehudi as hidden from the Danish press as vehemently as Lance Armstrong was trying to lie about the doping: one day, the world will know!

Photo Gallery: BT

Video: TV2 Evening News

Article with video: TV2 Fyn

The Crown Princess on Fyn

Crown Princess Mary came to Odense this Tuesday afternoon to participate in a seminar on twins at Southern Denmark University. Here she met among others, 150 pairs of twins. Crown Princess Mary arrived at the seminar in her role as patron for the Danish and Australian Twin Registries.

The Danish and Australian Twin Registries research the similarities and differences between monozygotic and fraternal twins in a quest for knowledge about the importance of heredity and environment on human life and health.

Besides people from the Danish and Australian Twin Registries, there were also 150 pairs of twins aged 18 to 90 years old. They have all participated in the Danish Twin Register's research.

The Crown Princess, herself the mother of twins, is the new patron and it was her first event as patron for the two registries.

Photos: Jesper Max Jensen


  1. She looks very bad. Skinny, dry hair, long nose. She is all bones! Why is she wearing Izzy´s jacket?

    1. Haha yes that jacket is too small

  2. yuck she sucks at speaking Danish!!! Mary doesn't give a shieeeet about our language and culture or she would learn to master it well by now

    ...I want my money back! I don't want to pay for this fake show anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. see how she reaches for the flowers right away and not wait to be handed to her! like literally snatching them from the boy's hands!!
    what a pompous ass!
    Maybe the flowers weren't for you bitch face Mary! that if the boy didn't want to let go of his flowers to your pig face? ...ever thought of that? don't be so presumptuous idiot!

    grrrr she's hopeless!

  4. in the video you can see her reaction to grabbing the flowers .....I can't stand this witch who thinks she's all that ....please! she's nothing but a user! riding in the coattails of her kids' royal heritage ...

  5. She only accepted this patronage so she could have another reason to go to Oz "on business" so that other people pay for it!! She is nothing but a shady grifter!! Of course she insulted this group!!

    1. Mary the pig ..oink oink oink oinkJanuary 15, 2013 at 7:47 PM

      so right! anything this bitchy woman to take advantage of the situation Mary would jump at the chance!! She's what you'd call a sober thief just blatantly stealing from the public without regard to how appropriate or inappropriate it looks! What a pig!!!!!

      Once a pig, always a pig and will die a trashy pig too! Mary it doesn't matter how you're dressed in designer wear and royal baubles, you're still a backward uncultered pig from toilet hole Hobart!!

      (apologies to cute pet pigs everywhere!)

  6. She is hopeless. She thinks She is better than everybody else.
    She is so boring and not Good looking.
    Billedbladet is so uncritical.
    Danish people - open your eyes!
    This blog shows how it really is.

  7. she must smell badly!!!! Mary just looks like the smelly type ...you know like meat that was left out for days with flies swarming over it!!! that's smelly Mary! The stench odor coming from the palace is Mary herself!

  8. Maggot face Mary looks quite pathetic sitting up front like a weirdo she is, pretending to listen to speeches she doesn't have a bloody clue what they're about because her Danish is shit! her whole gig is just one lie after another ...great pretender she is!

    Danes wake up and kick this witch out! Mary is nothing but a big fat fraud!!!

  9. Saw her interview last night. Mary is just clueless. In front of reporters she always gives this stupid, nervous laugh when she doesn't know how to answer a question that's too sophisticated for her 1st grade Danish! I'm embarassed for her. Everytime she opens her mouth, she advertises what a dumbass she is ....
    Denmark deserves an intelligent, educated representative but Daisy is in denial refusing to intervene. At least not yet. I think something's going down and it ain't gonna be pretty for greedy big spender Morey!

  10. This skanky woman has shown no respect for Denmark and Danes since she forced her smelly self on fred. She seems able to get away with all the offences so far. However, luck will run out one day and then she is going to be in deep sh*t.

  11. Mary has nothing intelligent or relevant to say that will endearing her to Denmark. All she is Ian a damn joke!
    She can spend our money like a money grubbing robber she is but at the end of the day SHE WILL NEVER HAVE OUR LOVE AND RESPECT!